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Recommended Southall Handyman

Prime Builders Ltd +6 -0 , Handyman in Greenford , 3 miles from Southall
I employed Haas to do handyman work (install lights, small coffee point, fix doors, etc.)around a neglected church hall. He is just what we need, industrious, flexible, thrifty and cost conscious in sourcing supplies/making use of surplus materials, very tidy and reliable. He was very willing to do all the jobs - no matter how small or fiddly - we asked of him. Work to a good standard. Will definitely use him again.

For job: shelving, doors, electrics, painting in a church hall
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R Del Canale - ( Bs - Maintenance ) +1 -0 , Handyman in London , 11 miles from Southall
Very nice chap and did a good job immediately for a fair price, would use Robert again without any hesitation!

For job: Wallpapering, fencing, lights
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P-cservices +2 -1 , Handyman in London , 12 miles from Southall
A polite & keen young man, although in this case did not provide a reasonable outcome for the money charged. Job posted - to make a round hole in kitchen carcass ( I needed to feed waste pipe from w/machine through to under sink), a 2 minute simple job. I payed 30 for this. Hole made was ok, but the damage made to the immediate surrounding area of Melamine faced chipboard was unacceptable and not to a professional standard. I could have done it better myself, if I had the tools.

For job: Access hole for washing machine pipe through cupboard
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Slbf Trades Ltd +0 -1 , Handyman in London , 12 miles from Southall
SLbF arranged for someone to come to my flat for 2.30pm. They had still not arrived 45mins later, so I called the company to be told that they had been unable to contact that workman all day! They phoned me back to say he was at least another 50mins away. I had an appointment so rearranged to the next morning at 10am. I got a phone call at 9.30am (this time at least I had that) to tell me that they were unable to come. No explanation. Terrible communication, and more than just a one off blip.

For job: electrics water temperature bits and bobs
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Zen Construction & Property Maintenaince +2 -0 , Handyman in London , 14 miles from Southall
I received a quote back within 30 minutes from Zen after posting on this website which was really good compared to the quotes I got from the other companies. The internal door was trimmed to fit within the unusually small door frame and all the handles and hinges were put into place and I'm a very happy customer. Very good job and I use definitely use them again. Thanks Zen

For job: Hang 1x internal door
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Self-employed +1 -0 , Handyman in London , 18 miles from Southall
Brilliant... A pipe and a lock were broken. A fast response came out the next day, polite and friendly, the work done was efficient and effective. Will definitely use him again.

For job: Simple pipe work & replacing a lock
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Jjh Maintenance +4 -0 , Handyman in Dagenham , 22 miles from Southall
Tony gave the most competitive price for this job. He was able to provide reassurance for me by way of viewing images of what was required by using the application 'WhatsApp' to view images sent by myself. I therefore felt that the job would be completed smoothly. He even offerred to look at a problem with a leaking fridge and also was able to rectify it. It is rare to find service that is both affordable and courteous. I will definitely call him again if required.

For job: Toilet seat broken off - need replacement
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P.d. Property Maintenance And Renovation +0 -1 , Handyman in Crawley , 28 miles from Southall
When I phoned the Co. they didn'thave a clue as to what I was taking about - divan bed. They quoted me 80-90 to assemble bed. Needless to say I didn't employ them. They sounded most disinterested/couldn't be bothered whether they got job or not!

For job: Assembling divan bed
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Hall And Son Ltd +0 -1 , Handyman in Stevenage , 30 miles from Southall
Hall & son came round to give me a quote for work to be done nice man but unfortunatly still waiting for my quote. I have rang and asked but no luck. So I'm still looking for someone to do the work.

For job: plastering,tiling bathroom & toilet
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Better Deal Direct Home Improvements +2 -0 , Handyman in Rochester , 38 miles from Southall
I Would recommend this gentleman to any of my friends or family that needed jobs doing as he was on time, finished the job before I expected him to & to a high standard, cleaned up after himself & was very polite he was just overall very professional.

For job: Assemble flat packed furniture
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Cato Carpenters +9 -0 , Handyman in Bedford , 44 miles from Southall
Very reasonable quote, arrived on time, excellent job by friendly workmen.

For job: Hanging 3 new bedroom internal doors
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Mr. Handyman +1 -0 , Handyman in Braintree , 48 miles from Southall
Very pleased with the Nuno's Handyman Service. service-definitely recommend them and we'll use them again

For job: Panting, Wallpaper, Laminate Flooring and Vynil
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The Flat Pack Assembly Service +1 -0 , Handyman in Gosport , 59 miles from Southall
all good, nice polite and on time, dispite the snow

For job: flat pack assembly
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Steve Roberts Total Property Maintenance +18 -0 , Handyman in Cheltenham , 79 miles from Southall
Steve replied quickly to my request and he was able to come that day. He was prompt, friendly & willing to try everything to sort out the problem incl climbing into the loft on the hottest day of the year.

For job: various odd jobs
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Cj Property Services +2 -0 , Handyman in Nottingham , 107 miles from Southall
Chris contacted me back after the initial email almost immediately to arrange a date and time and did a stand up job, I could not ask for a better worker.

For job: Banister and Curtain Rail holdings
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D Gardner Carpentry +4 -0 , Handyman in Martock , 110 miles from Southall
Dean hung 4 internal doors for me and was very professional. He arrived on time and was very polite and friendly and did a great of fitting the doors. He cleaned up as he went along and was great value for money. I would definitely use Dean again and not hesitate to recommend him

For job: Internal doors hanging
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A & M Bathrooms +2 -0 , Handyman in Mansfield , 118 miles from Southall
The response was speedy and the quote very reasonable. The work was completed within a week to my entire satisfaction and I would recommend this workman to anyone as he works quickly and with great skills.

For job: New door and frame plus small fence
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A.j. House Services +1 -0 , Handyman in Llanelli , 164 miles from Southall
A J House services, was consistent throuhgout the service required eg rang to confirm time, arrived on time, the work was very good quality,tidy and efficient.

For job: put up curtain rail & shelves
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Ds Property Solutions +3 -0 , Handyman in Atherton , 166 miles from Southall
Simon was not only professional but was also extremely conscientous and the work he carried out was to a very high standard with the guarantee he would return if I had any problems with the job he'd completed.Brilliant to find a trusted workman and would recommend him 100% Sharron

For job: select and fit shower screen, repaint bathroom window sill
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Daves Joiners & Builders +4 -0 , Handyman in Leeds , 168 miles from Southall
Quick and efficient, asked dave to do something extra for me after he had finished and he did it for a good price. Very pleased.

For job: 2 flatpack warsrobes to be assembled.
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