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Plumbing Quotes: Recently Completed Jobs

A & R Builders & Maintenance Ltd for job: Repair leaking cistern in London
"Anthony Rose was very friendly. Got straight down to the job. Despite having to remove my bodged up attempt at diy, he didn't complain. The first try did not solve the problem. He persisted and fix..."
CM Prestige Heating & Plumbing Ltd for job: Locate leaking pipe with strong smell in London
"After having a horrible persistent smell coming from under the floor for over 6 months, I decided to call in a plumber who would be able qto diagnose and fix the problem without having to damaging ..."
Halo Building Services for job: Repair/ replacement of shower valve in London
"Halo building came to look at this task and I felt like they were telling me the truth. Upon looking at the price of valve which was £47 pound I decided best to get a new shower as it was fairly ..."
Marson Engineering ltd for job: I need a new bath in London
"I used this company to supply a fit a new bath. They responded very quickly and were able to carry this out at very short noticed. I would recommend this company."