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Gardening & Landscaping Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

Build a walled garden and 2-3 steps
Gardening & Landscaping job in Exmouth
Replace sleepers with a low wall to retain garden border. And create 2 to 3 steps from front French window to patio area and re lay paved area.
Adjusting the slope of block paved patio area approx 5m x 3m
Gardening & Landscaping job in Nottingham
Just had bifold doors put in so I want to remove the 6" step onto outside patio area. It means removing existing blocks, raising the level and adjusting the slope then replacing the blocks. Area approx 5m x 2.5m. Currently the ground slopes towards the house into a drain beside the bifold doors. The ground/blocks need raising to floor level of the house approx 6" and sloping down the opposite way to another existing drain. Although not too worried about water drainage as whole area will be covered by a veranda. We are located in Bramcote, Nottinghamshire
Remove and dispose of a raised garden structure
Gardening & Landscaping job in Twickenham
Circular slate topped structure approx. 2metres diameter and 40cm high. Need it removed and disposed off ( may have value for re-cycling). Also re-position a slate fountain, moving it approx. 1 metre and placing it in the ground.
lay Astro Turf with slate border edging area 4x6m approx
Gardening & Landscaping job in Caerphilly
lay Astro Turf front garden with slate border edging
block pathway
Gardening & Landscaping job in Sheffield
Small front garden area 2.4m x 3.5m for paving.
Clear and dispose of gravel and paving slabs.
Gardening & Landscaping job in Horsforth
Gravel has been laid on membrane by the previous owner on parts of front and rear gardens. Approx 120 sq m in total plus approx 30 concrete paving slabs. Easy access from front garden, rear access via porch. Generous payment to reflect this, plus value of gravel and slabs.
Build garden steps
Gardening & Landscaping job in Hyde
Build 2 x sets of steps in my back garden from 2 x patio doors. Patio doors 160cm Length x 22cm drop to ground level flags.
Garden clearance, laying patio, path and turf
Gardening & Landscaping job in Glasgow
Overgrown garden needs cleared. Need small patio outside back door. New turf to replace weed filled grass area. Repair/ replacement of metal work on gate.
Lay artificial lawn in medium sized garden
Gardening & Landscaping job in Motherwell
Lay artificial grass on L shaped lawn
lay artificial grass
Gardening & Landscaping job in Johnstone
Lay Approx 70 m2 of artificial grass with suitable sub base
Laying a base for a summer house
Gardening & Landscaping job in Amlwch
Prepare ground and lay a base for a 18’ x 10’ shed
Gardening & Landscaping job in Widnes
New patio
Turfing and planting and fixing fence.
Gardening & Landscaping job in Walthamstow
I have borders either side of my garden, overgrown and dried out as London clay does require good soil and turfing. I would like the back of the garden paved over because it constantly needs weeding and there are a few nettles that require doing away with. It is roughly forty feet long and 15 feet across.
Removal of garden raised bed
Gardening & Landscaping job in Walworth
Removal of raised garden bed (86cm x145cm x38cm), including plant (yucca), soil and rubble. Path cleared areas with a slate equivalent pathing stone to match as much as possible existing, a couple of small soil holes for planting.
lay path in back garden
Gardening & Landscaping job in Rotherhithe
Supply and fit paving slabs 18 inch slabs to make path in back garden which is 15 feet long. Also add additional line of slaps to existing patio approx 7 ft. x 18 inch Supply and fit edging strip to other border again 15 feet long
Concrete shed base
Gardening & Landscaping job in East Ham
I would like a 12x8 ft concrete shed base layed down
Cut down hedge
Gardening & Landscaping job in Birkenhead
Front garden hedge cutting down.
I need a drain/soak away on my patio
Gardening & Landscaping job in Pontypridd
The old soak away which was shared with my neighbour has been removed when he had an extension built. My patio is currently covered in mud which has been washed down from the gardens behind my house.
Ivy removal
Gardening & Landscaping job in Chippenham
We have overgrown ivy on the walls surrounding our garden. Some of it is going on the house. One wall is quite high (as high as attic of the house which is on second floor).
To resite an area for rotary dryer
Gardening & Landscaping job in Leeds
Just recently had back garden repaved. Unfortunately the area for the rotary airer was lost. Looking at a new area to be resited