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Recent Tradesman Feedback

RACSO for job: refurbishment of a 2 bed flat in London
"Totally professional throughout !! Finished job looks better than we could imagine, all done on time and within budget. Would highly recommend this company !! "
mullen garden and property services . for job: replacing manhole in warehouse able to take forklifts in Leeds
"Phoned Martin, explained my problem, he turned up within 30 mins, explained what he could do, came back the following day and sorted it out. You could not wish for better service than this, also b..."
RACSO for job: decorate Kitchen in London
"He makes a point of asking relevant questions so that he is clear as to what you want doing. He is extremely versatile and is an excellent plasterer, electrician and fitting kitchens, he is fantast..."
Insideout Painters & decorators for job: remove grate and make good in Pontypridd
"Mark removed a 1960s grate and fireplace and made good the wall and floor. He told us what he'd do and when he'd do it, how long it would take and how much it would cost. He (together with workmate..."