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Recommended Goldthorpe Tradesmen

A 2 Z Flooring & Property Solutions +20 -0 in Orpington , 159 miles from Goldthorpe
Mark provided a very competitive quote and clearly stated any extra costs that we may incur beforehand. On the day he arrived on time and made fitting our vinyl look effortless. He also did our utility room which I had overlooked within the original quote which was much appreciated. I would not hesitate to use Mark again as he is a credit to his trade.

For job: Lino fitting in kitchen
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Design and Build Developments +3 -0 in Cardiff , 159 miles from Goldthorpe
Attached 2 radiators and fitted kitchen at little notice. Very pleased with the work and would happily use again. Very polite and courteous at all times

For job: No longer visible
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Property Restoration Services +0 -1 in Swanscombe , 159 miles from Goldthorpe
never turned up

For job: No longer visible
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buildingdimensions +3 -0 in Croydon , 159 miles from Goldthorpe
I posted to have some repairs carried out on my roof apex and Gary replied quickly. He was able to provide a quote of what I was expecting and included the price of scaffolding and arranged everything. Once working both guys were very friendly, with time to spend explaining the work and sharing their experience. The work was carried out very timely and to a high standard. I would recommend them and have them back for other work.

For job: brick chiminey and appex between 2 houses crumbled
Request Quote +7 -0 in Leigh-on-Sea , 159 miles from Goldthorpe
Very pleased with AB Services. Anthony gave a very reasonable quote. Turned up at the arranged time and efficiently mended my leaky guttering. I would certainly use the company again.

For job: Leaky gutter
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D Jones +4 -0 in Pontypridd , 159 miles from Goldthorpe
I am extremely pleased with my bathroom works carried out by Darren. He was reliable and cheerful. He gave a good quote for the all the parts and works with no hidden costs. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and use him again. Jennie

For job: Shower, fan and flooring/tiling
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Imperial Plumbing +0 -1 in Guildford , 160 miles from Goldthorpe
Did not turn up and didn't answer mine or my daughters phone!

For job: No hot water
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Captain Tile +0 -1 in Canvey Island , 160 miles from Goldthorpe
We were really disappointed with the quality of Marks workmanship. Amongst the problems - the floor lifted within days, the tiles were fixed unevenly throughout and the grout has since crumbled away. We foolishly paid in full, then tried through phonecalls & emails to get Mark to put things right but he never even acknowledged us. We are now 1000 out of pocket and have got to pay someone else 1600 to undo Marks work and start again from scratch. Sadly, not recommended

For job: No longer visible
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D Webb Decorating & Property Maintenance +3 -0 in Guildford , 160 miles from Goldthorpe
Darren was very helpful but unfortunately I was unable to have him do the work as the dates he was available did not suit my needs

For job: No longer visible
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A . S PROPERTY MAINTENANCE +2 -0 in Guildford , 160 miles from Goldthorpe
We were very pleased with the service provided, a good job was done and would definitely contact them again for any other jobs around the house! They were very friendly and helpful as to what we required.

For job: No longer visible
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A . S PROPERTY MAINTENANCE +1 -0 in Guildford , 160 miles from Goldthorpe
Andy was a hardworking and pleasant chap. He was punctual and tidy. He painted 2 newly plastered ceilings, living room wall and woodwork. He took on extra tasks and still finished before time. We can recommend him and will certainly use him again.

For job: No longer visible
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CSR Plumbing Services +4 -0 in Guildford , 160 miles from Goldthorpe
Chris did an excellent and prompt job.

For job: Fix or replace electric shower
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nicenstripy +1 -0 in Guildford , 160 miles from Goldthorpe
Paul answered our enquiry the same day we had placed our details on myworkman. He called the next day to assess the job and a couple of days later the job was done. The boys worked quickly and cleared up everything afterwards and took it away, all very professional and for an excellent price. We would cetainly recommend Paul to our friends.

For job: Hedge trimming
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MJP SERVICES +1 -0 in Guildford , 160 miles from Goldthorpe
Mick was extremely courteous and helpful and fully explained how he could move our socket. Later that day he emailed our quote to us. On the day the work was done he arrived on time and completed the work quickly and efficiently. I would certainly recommend Mick.

For job: No longer visible
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SDS Refurbishment +1 -0 in Orpington , 160 miles from Goldthorpe
Friendly and professional - quick to quote, fair price, re-organised their schedule to fit me in as job was urgent. Follow up excellent - small unforseeable problem occurred and Andy popped straight back at 9 at night. Superb service - will definitely use again. Highly recommended. Happy to be used as a reference - (07765) 536 559 - Edward.

For job: No longer visible
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Berkeley Construction +0 -1 in Orpington , 160 miles from Goldthorpe
This company was unreliable. Having arranged a quote for 12.00 with Derek Turner, he had still not arrived by 12.15. Having called him, he explained that he thought our meeting was for 12.30. Despite this he attended my address at 13.30!!!!

For job: replace ceiling
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Aidan Lee +1 -0 in Orpington , 160 miles from Goldthorpe
I was very satisfied with the plumbing work provided by Aidan.He did the work for a good price,and worked cleanly and all plumbing is now working well.I would reccomend him,and I would use hin again.

For job: high pittched noisy when flushed
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advanced building solutions +0 -2 in Orpington , 160 miles from Goldthorpe
Wish I had read the feeback before employing . Mike is charlatan ! Did not honour contract. Terriable finish. Had to hire another firm to fix his mistakes.

For job: Bathroom and kitchen refit
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MDW PROPERTY SERVICES +0 -1 in Coulsdon , 161 miles from Goldthorpe
Appears professional on paper, but the casing for the boiler was not as had been discussed, looked horrible and - we discovered later when our kitchen was fitted by Moben - was, in fact, illegal because it had no ventilation.

For job: No longer visible
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All Hours Plumbing & Property Services +55 -1 in Coulsdon , 161 miles from Goldthorpe
Gavin and his team did a great job. They knock a wall down to turn my flat into an open lounge / kitchen, stripped all my old walls, installed a new kitchen, did all the pluming and electrics and general decor. All done to really high standards. Gavin was also great to work with. He is always available and get things sorted quickly. I will definitely recommend.

For job: Refurb of a one bedroom flat
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