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Recommended Abingdon Tradesmen

Had my bathroom fitted by shaun, am very happy with my new bathroom. Shaun was friendly, helpful and tidy. Would recommend.

For job: install new bathroom
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R. B. Plastering +6 -0 in Reading , 19 miles from Abingdon
Roger arrived the on time and comleted the work to a very high standard. I would definately recommend Roger.

For job: Plaster Spare Bedroom
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Http:// +3 -0 in Reading , 18 miles from Abingdon
I am very happy with the service provided. Although only one days work was required the job was carried out efficiently and professionally. Totally happy with all areas, including the short turn around time to evaluate the job and provide a written quote, arrived at the promised time and completed the work to a high standard. On top of this Paul comunicated well and also cleaned up as he went along! All in all very pleased.

For job: shave doors & new shelving
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Princes Paving +3 -0 in Princes Risborough , 19 miles from Abingdon
Very professional service offered. Stuart explained the nature of job, breaking down cost when asked. Job was completed to schedule and all rubbish collected. Would recommend to friends and family.

For job: No longer visible
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Jolly Good Job Ltd. +2 -0 in Didcot , 5 miles from Abingdon
Jolly Good Job did what we asked of them and they were competitively priced. Would consider using them again.

For job: New socket required
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Joel Smith - Carpenter & Joiner +2 -0 in High Wycombe , 19 miles from Abingdon
Joel Smith did a marvelous job. Showed up on time, did all that i asked of him, and did not leave until job was complete. I would recommend his services. Honorable workmen are hard to find. This is one of them.

For job: need help painting kitchen
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Red Hawk Plastering +1 -0 in Wantage , 8 miles from Abingdon
Satisfied with the work overall. Chris & Kris were punctual, reliable, hardworking and pleasant, and brought the job in on budget. They cleaned up after each visit, leaving us with little follow up work to do. Recommended.

For job: No longer visible
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Martin Kitchen & Bathroom Installations +1 -0 in Wheatley , 8 miles from Abingdon
A superb job completed. Communicated well and always gave excellent advice. Listened to how we wanted the work carried out and keep disruption in the house to an absolute minimum. We would recomend Martin Kitchens and Bathroom Installations to anyone needing a professional and reliable tradesman. In fact we are having Ian back to carry out more jobs in the house. Clive and Gina 2/5/12

For job: Fit Bathroom suite and Cloakroom suite
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Jmd-electrical +1 -0 in Witney , 11 miles from Abingdon
Really helpful, good job at good price, and at short notice. Would certainly recommend to anyone.

For job: No longer visible
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Craig Hawkins +1 -0 in Kidlington , 11 miles from Abingdon
Mr Hawkins responded promptly to my enquiry, visited the site, discussed my needs and provided a quote within 48 hours. On this occasion he was not competitive but I shall ask him again when I have other re-pointing or similar building work to be done.

For job: Repoint and make good garden wall
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Propertypro +1 -0 in Carterton , 15 miles from Abingdon
Alan was professional and very helpful. He gave advice and recommendations. He was quick to point out that a complete rewire was not required and that a simple reconnection was needed. Price was good.

For job: No longer visible
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A. Riley Plasterer And General Builder +1 -0 in Reading , 19 miles from Abingdon
Great service, good job, competitive price. Would use again.

For job: No longer visible
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Gravlins +1 -0 in Princes Risborough , 19 miles from Abingdon
Some of the best tradesmen I have ever dealt with. They provided a free quotation initially and then sent me an itemised list of materials, cost and time spent on each of the jobs that needed doing (no guesstimates). Very professional, well mannered, efficient and polite. They also stayed on budget. Excellent end result which exceeded expectations. Highly recommended!

For job: No longer visible
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In-ex Fixtures +1 -0 in Reading , 20 miles from Abingdon
Sorry but we are looking for local tradesmen

For job: Flat roof over bathroom leaking
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Three Counties +0 -0 in Carterton , 15 miles from Abingdon
sorry the job has been allocated to a local builder

For job: flat roof leaking
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Bradfield Plumbing & Home Improvements L +2 -0 in Reading , 20 miles from Abingdon
Came back with an impressive & low quote, would definitely use in the future

For job: No longer visible
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Par Building Services +0 -1 in Swindon , 21 miles from Abingdon
The owner insisted I pay cash for the job, although it was never agreed. He has refused to give me a receipt for the work and as yet has not finished the job and doesnt look like he is going to. The builders turned up after 10.30 each day although they said they would be starting between 8 and 9 which made me late for work each day. Would not recommend or use them again

For job: downstairs toilet
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Db Advanced Finishes +0 -1 in High Wycombe , 22 miles from Abingdon
Dave is not a plumber, he is a handyman who talks a good game. We employed him to take out an old shower unit and fit and tile a new one. We were left with a shower that is poorly fitted, no hot water and leaking. His grouting is shoddy and needed to be re-done. He didnt turn up on time and spends a lot of time chatting and giving advice. His work was poor-quality, untidy and inadequate. We are now having it all re-done by someone else.

For job: Fitting and tiling a new shower
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Scobell Plumbing And Heating +3 -0 in Reading , 22 miles from Abingdon
Scott explained everything to me and was very knowledegeable about the product. Although in the end I have not had the boiler done I would recommend Scott to anyone

For job: No longer visible
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Barnes Property Develpoment Ltd +6 -0 in Reading , 22 miles from Abingdon
Richard was very nice and friendly. Work was quick, tidy and of excellent standard. I'll definitely use Barnes Property Develpoment Ltd again and recommend to others.

For job: Replacing Triton Electric Shower
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