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Recommended Clevedon Tradesmen

Richard did an excellent job fixing new guttering and facia boards to our garage. I would thorougly recomend him and would definately use his services again.

For job: fix new guttering and downpipe to garage.
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Carpenters Somerset +10 -0 in Weston-super-Mare , 8 miles from Clevedon
Communication with Geoff prior to the job was excellent as arranging delivery of doors etc needed to be sorted out. On the day, Paul was friendly, courteous and efficient. He cleaned up after the job. We are extremely happy with the work

For job: internal door hanging
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Ctp Electrical +4 -0 in Newport , 19 miles from Clevedon

For job: No longer visible
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Garden & Property Services +4 -0 in Newport , 19 miles from Clevedon
Gareth was very pleasant to deal with, turned up on time completed job on time very clean & tidy now the House looking brand new.

For job: interior decorating
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Wash & Go +3 -0 in Weston-Super-Mare , 6 miles from Clevedon
Peter of 'Wash & Go' has just completed the tiling and fitting of 2 Bathrooms, a Kitchen, hall, lobby and conservatory. An excellent, professional job that looks fantastic. Extremely good value, Peter was helpful, polite and did a great job - Thanks very much!

For job: Tile 2 bathrooms and Kitchen floor
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S.o.s Maintenance +3 -0 in Bristol , 14 miles from Clevedon
Asked Steve to come along with 2 other suppliers. Not only was SOS's quote more comprehensive which confirmed they understood what we wanted, but his attention to detail was perfect. SOS have now finished our large living room and office and because the room was done so well and certainly within the timeframes, we will be giving SOS the rest of the work, which includes Hall, Stairs, 2 more bedrooms. We would highly recommend Steve from SOS for any jobs. His time keeping was excellent.

For job: Painting required
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Starling Property Services +3 -0 in Bristol , 14 miles from Clevedon
Mike sourced and obtained a new toilet cistern then fitted it. Work is very clean and great value for money. Very quick response and job completion. Would recommend him.

For job: Supply and fit toilet cistern.
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Design And Build Developments +3 -0 in Cardiff , 16 miles from Clevedon
Attached 2 radiators and fitted kitchen at little notice. Very pleased with the work and would happily use again. Very polite and courteous at all times

For job: No longer visible
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D&p Property Services +3 -1 in Bristol , 10 miles from Clevedon
Mr Pollard was engaged to replace our front door and frame. After a series of pathetic excuses the job has still not been done 8 months later. Mr Pollard has run off with our money and we are now taking legal action. Mr Pollard has refused to respond to our reasonable request to return the deposit and in our opinion Mr Pollard is totally untrustworthy and unscrupulous and we would recommend that he be avoided at all costs.

For job: Move Front Door
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Bristol Boiler Installations +2 -0 in Bristol , 14 miles from Clevedon
Scott Dowling was very professional and did an excellent job without any fuss and at the original quoted price. He went beyond that which he needed to do and carried the gas fire out side. He also pulled out the back boiler, which had been disconnected some years ago, and carried it outside. Scott is Gas Safe registered. I highly recommend him.

For job: Disconnect gas fire
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Antonio Rodrigues +2 -0 in Bristol , 14 miles from Clevedon
Tony has just finished refurbishing our Bathroom and Toilet. He has carried out a fantastic job on both rooms. He is a very good allround workman, and an excelent tiler and bathroom fitter. I would recomend him and his work to anyone. He works on his own and is very easy to get on with. He was certainly a good find, and would definitely use him again. Ray Charlton

For job: Bathroom and shower room revamp
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Bristol-heating +1 -0 in Bristol , 10 miles from Clevedon
Excellent service. I can't peak too highly of Bristol Heating. Dave Mays was really focussed on finding affordable solutions to a difficult installation.

For job: No longer visible
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Tiling 4 U +1 -0 in Bristol , 12 miles from Clevedon
Sean and Paul fitted porcelain floor tiles throughout my new house. I chose them because they specialize in tiling and obviously know everthing there is to know about the subject. The price quoted was reasonable. They were very professional and reliable and worked fast. The final result was excellent and still is, nearly 3 months later.

For job: No longer visible
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Viv Morris Painter & Decorator +1 -0 in Cardiff , 13 miles from Clevedon
Viv did an excellent job, very meticulous and the hall looks fantastic now. Highly recommended and we'll definitely use him again. Thanks Viv!!

For job: No longer visible
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A&d Electrical( South West) Ltd +1 -0 in Bristol , 13 miles from Clevedon
Very thorough free quotation from friendly knowledgable guys. They actually examined my wiring and fusebox and informed me I didn't require a full re-wire like the other people I had to give me quotes saving me a lot of money.

For job: No longer visible
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Grout Britain Tiling +1 -0 in Bristol , 13 miles from Clevedon
reasonably priced ,reliable and punctual , tidy , careful and precise workmanship - end result brilliant. Will employ again for further work here, and highly recommend to others without hesitation.

For job: No longer visible
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Poolcorp +1 -0 in Rogerstone , 13 miles from Clevedon
a good and clean job , i am giving them more work to do

For job: new bathroom
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Simply Build Better +1 -0 in Bristol , 14 miles from Clevedon
Very pleased with work carried out; I found him efficient and professional. It is reassuring to find someone who will take the trouble to explain the how and the why and not try to push you into a potentially more expensive solution. I would have been more than happy to have given him the front door key and just let him get on with the job; unfortunately my two dogs would not have been that considerate.

For job: No longer visible
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J Reakes Plumbing And Heating +1 -0 in Bristol , 15 miles from Clevedon
I needed three replacement taps and a new ballcock in the hot water tank. The three taps proved to be a bit of a challenge, but all the work was carried out very satisfactorily. I would have no hesitation in using this plumber again or recommending him to all my friends & family.

For job: No longer visible
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Ajr Plastering +1 -0 in Cardiff , 15 miles from Clevedon
Always turned up promptly. Pleasant, polite, a skilled workman who did a very good job in a short time at a fair price. I would recommend him to friends.

For job: small kitchen walls/ceiling
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