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Freeform Construction

Location: Whitefield
Feedback: 2 , 100% Positive
Top Trades:
  • Joinery & Carpentry

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Customer Feedback +2 -0

Skirting / architraves (Joinery & Carpentry) in BL8, Bury

“Superb service from Jim. Highly recommended. He ocmpleted some skirtings and architraves for me today. Nothing is too much for him - he isn't one of these workmen that huffs and puffs their way through a job as though everything is too much work. He gets on with it, with a smile on his face. The work he completed was of a high standard. Have already asked him back to complete some other jobs for me. Thanks Jim!”
Job No longer visible

“Fantastic job, Jim is a very friendly and conscientious builder who worked flat out to make sure my kitchen was ready for christmas. The kitchen looks stunning and I have no problem in recommending Jim and his team to anyone. Word of warning though, wear earplugs as he likes to sing.”

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