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Imperial Painting Contractors

Location: Poole
Feedback: 2 , 50% Positive
Top Trades:
  • Painting & decorating

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Customer Feedback +1 -1

Paint and paper hall,stairs&landing (Painting & decorating) in SP5, Salisbury

“Christian Lane was employed to Strip old paper and paint and paper hall stairs and landing. He started and during the first day he decided that the job was a little more difficult than he thought, he packed his kit and left. One to give a miss!! Disputed by tradesman: The reason i did not complete this work is because the client was arrogant and abusive stating that he could do a better job, work faster and knew how to do the job correctly, He then asked me to drop the price by 30% of the agreed price at this point i informed him that i was unhappy with his behaviour and his comments and under the circumstances i would not be able to do the work at that point he called me pathetic so i packed up and left. ”
paint woodwork ceilings and wall (Painting & decorating) in BH23, Christchurch

“A clean and tidy worker.pleasant and helpful.would recommend.He even worked late to get the job done.”

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