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Mcallister Builders

Location: Wirral
Feedback: 3 , 66.7% Positive
Top Trades:
  • Tiling

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Customer Feedback +2 -0

Kitchen & bathroom (Tiling) in CH63, Birkenhead

“Karl is a friendly chap and very obliging. He does a great plastering job but unfortunatly I could not recommend him to do any tiling. The grout has badly cracked on both floors he has done and the walls are not tiled from the centre working outwards i.e. don't give a symmetrical finish. However he is handy at doing other jobs e.g. plumbing washing machine.”
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“a good fast service”
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“The workman was very pleasant efficient and helpful i would not hesitate to recommend and contact Carl in the future. He even managed to listen to my nagging husband.”

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