Corgi Plumbers

1. Finding a CORGI plumber or gas fitter

It is easy to waste valuable time contacting and describing your job to plumbers who are not necessarily available for or interested in your particular job. We make this process quick and easy. Simply post a job ad for free and we will contact gas engineers in your area of the UK for you. You will receive tenders by email from plumbers interested in your job. You will be able to check the references provided and view feedback left by previous myworkman users.

2. Why do I need a CORGI plumber?

For any installations or repairs that involve gas the tradesman in question must be CORGI registered. Anyone carrying out work on gas appliances or fittings as part of their business must be competent and registered with CORGI. It is not only illegal for non-Corgi registered person to work on gas appliances or fittings, it is also very dangerous.

3. Checking corgi registration

In order to check the CORGI registration number of a plumber simply go to the corgi website and type in the corgi number. Make sure that the registration and contact details are the same as were given to you by the plumber in question.

4. Tips on employing plumbers

Before employing a plumber, we recommend reading our tips on employing tradesmen.