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There's always room in your schedule for a few more local jobs. MyWorkman makes finding them a breeze.

How it works

How the site works for tradesmen
  1. Create a trade profile
    Tell us where you are and the type of work you do. We'll keep you updated by email (for free) when new jobs that match your settings are posted on the site.
  2. Pick suitable jobs
    Review jobs and pick those which are of interest to you. Signal your interest by sending homeowners a message securely via the site.
  3. Get shortlisted
    Homeowners will shortlist you if, after having reviewed your profile and messsage, they would like to talk to you in person. We verifiy telephone numbers before they are exchanged.
  4. Get reviewed
    Once you've completed a job, homeowners come back to the site to review the service they received. Build up a history of satisfied customers and you'll win more work via the site!

Great Value

  • Create your profile for free.
  • £30 for 3 months access to available jobs
  • No contracts & no other fees.
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Great value for money

Pay as you go - it's simple & fair

We only charge a fee (called a shortlist fee) when both you and the homeowner want to exchange telephone numbers. The price we charge is based on our estimated size of the job. The shortlist fee is displayed clearly for each job.

There are no other fees at all. No contracts, no membership & no recurring fees. In this way our fees match the results you get from using the site as closely as possible.

Shortlisting Questions & Answers

Create a Trade Profile

Our estimated price Shortlist fee
£40 - £80 £1.00
£80 - £120 £2.00
£120 - £240 £3.00
£240 - £400 £5.00
£400 - £800 £8.00
£800 - £1200 £12.00
£1200 - £2500 £18.00
£2500+ £25.00