Trade FAQs & Support

How does the site work for tradespeople?
MyWorkman helps the great tradespeople right across the UK succeed. Here's how it works:
  1. Create a trade profile (it's free): Tell us where you are and the type of work you do. We'll keep you updated by email (for free) when new jobs that match your settings are posted on the site. Trade Start

  2. Express interest: Review local leads and express interest in those that you'd like to quote for.

  3. Get shortlisted: Homeowners will shortlist you if, after having reviewed your profile, they would like to talk to you in person. We verify telephone numbers before they are exchanged.

  4. Get reviewed: Once you've completed a job, homeowners come back to the site to review the service they received. Build up a history of satisfied customers and you'll win more work via the site!
Get started today: Create a trade profile
How can I join?
Joining couldn't be easier. Simply register here. You'll need to tell us some basic information about your business including where you are located and the types of work you do.
What does it cost?
A 30 day free trial is available for all new members. It's the easiest way to try out the service. After the trial, membership costs £19+VAT a month. There's no commitment. You can cancel any time.
What are the benefits of membership?
As a member of MyWorkman you can express interest in all categories of leads on the site. You'll also receive 25 shortlist credits every month.
How can I activate membership?
First login to your account. You'll be prompted to activate membership when viewing a lead of interest. Membership requires the activation of a subscription which renews automatically monthly or quarterly. A 30 day free trial for new members is currently available. There's no commitment. You can cancel at any time.
I can't activate my membership.
If you are experiencing difficulties activating your membership, please check the following:
  • Double check that the card details you entered are correct.

  • Ensure that the personal details you entered (name, address, etc.) match those that are held by your bank.

  • If possible, try using a different credit or debit card.

  • If all else fails, please contact your bank/card provider and/or paypal themselves to try to resolve the issue.
How can I change my payment details?
  1. Cancel your subscription.

  2. Wait until your membership has elapsed.

  3. Re-activate your membership through your account using the credit/debit card of your choice (or paypal).
How can I cancel my membership?
It's quick and easy to review or cancel your membership through your account. First login and then go to your account membership page and follow instructions to cancel.

If you previously used paypal to activate your membership please follow these instructions in order to cancel your subscription.
Can I express interest in any of the leads on the site?
Yes, as a member you can express interest in any leads on the site that match your settings.
How much interest does each lead receive?
There is no limit to the number of tradespeople that can express interest in a lead. Instead, customers remove their job from the site once they've received enough interest. Leads can stay on the site for a maximum of 14 days, after which they are automatically removed.
What is shortlisting?
Once you've expressed interest in a lead the homeowner will decide on whether to shortlist you based on your profile. Being shortlisted means that contact details are exchanged. In order to prove they're genuine, homeowners must verify their phone number before they can shortlist anyone.
What are credits for?
Credits are consumed if a customer shortlists you for a job. The shortlist fee is clearly displayed for each lead. It ranges from 1 to 25 credits depending on the size of the job.
Do credits expire?
No, there is no expiry date for credits. Any unused credits roll over to the next membership period.
Can I get more credits?
If you run out of credits you can top up your account with more credits any time. 1 credit costs £1+VAT.
What are invitations?
When a customer posts a job we'll always alert matching tradespeople. However, customers can get an even faster response by inviting tradespeople to their job. Customers need to verify their phone number in order to invite a tradesperson.
I've been invited to a job. What now?
Congratulations, if you've been invited to a job it means that the customer has seen your profile and would like to receive a quote for the job in question. If you're interested in the job, you can accept the invitation. You'll be shortlisted and verified contact details will be exchanged right away. Up to 3 tradespeople can accept invitations for each job.
How long do I have to accept an invitation?
Once you've been invited, you have a window of 24 hours in which you can accept the invitation. After that you can no longer accept, but you can still express interest in the lead as normal if you wish.
What makes a great profile?
In order to help you to maximise your return on investment from membership, the top of your profile page shows you which recommended steps you've completed and which are still to do. A 100% complete profile means that you're giving yourself the best chance possible of winning work.
Why is a profile picture required?
Homeowners want to know who they are dealing with. A profile picture of the main tradesperson (who is named in the contact details of the account) is therefore a requirement for every trade account.
Can I change my profile picture?
It's not possible to change the main tradesperson of an account. As a result, it's also not possible to change the profile picture to someone else.
How can I ask a customer to rate me?
If you have completed a job through MyWorkman but haven't yet received feedback, you can send a reminder to your customer to provide feedback. Go to the shortlisted leads page and click the job that you completed, then click the "Request Feedback" button.
What are job alerts & how can I receive them?
With job alerts, we can keep you up-to-date about new jobs of specific interest to your business. In order to activate job alerts, click the verification link in the email we sent to you when registering. If you can't find the registration email, you can always request another from the job alerts page.
How can I change the number of job alerts I receive?
We will only notify you about new jobs that are both in one of your selected categories of interest and within your maximum travelling distance (change your settings). You can start or stop job alerts from the job alerts page.
I've activated job alerts, but am not receiving emails?
In some cases our job alerts may be blocked by overzealous spam filters. Check your spam folder for our emails and mark them as "not spam". Also, we suggest adding "" (the address from which we send job alerts) to your list of contacts to ensure that you receive alerts as normal. Please contact us if, after having done the above, you are still experiencing difficulties.
I can't log in.
  • If you're not sure of your password, you can request a login link by email. Once logged in, you can then change your password if you wish.

  • Ensure that caps lock and any other key locks are off

  • Ensure that cookies are enabled
If you are still having difficulties please contact us.
If you have a question that is not answered above, have a suggestion, or you would like to contact us for any other reason, please email us at