Covering Artex

1. How to find an plasterer to cover artex

It is easy to waste valuable time contacting and describing your job to plasteres who are not necessarily available for or interested in your particular job. We make this process quick and easy. Simply post a job ad for free and we will contact plasterers in your area of the UK for you. You will receive tenders by email from plasterers interested in your job. You will be able to check the references provided and view feedback left by previous myworkman users.

2. What is artex and why cover it?

Artex is in fact the trade name for textured coating. It was often used to decorate ceilings and walls. These days artex has become less fasionable and many people now want to cover the artex. The exact proceedure to be used to cover or remove artex varies. It is best to contact a plastering professional in order to get this job done to a high quality.

3. Artex and aspestos

Artex applied prior to the mid 1970s may contain asbestos. Generally speaking you should not sand it, knock off the high bits or try to remove it yourself. It should be tested before being removed or damaged in any way as it is a potential health risk. If you are unsure make sure to consult a professional.

4. Tips on employing plasterers

Before employing a plasterer, we recommend reading our tips on employing tradesmen.