Skimming Ceilings

1. How to find an plasterer

It is easy to waste valuable time contacting and describing your job to plasteres who are not necessarily available for or interested in your particular job. We make this process quick and easy. Simply post a job ad for free and we will contact plasterers in your area of the UK for you. You will receive tenders by email from plasterers interested in your job. You will be able to check the references provided and view feedback left by previous myworkman users.

2. What is skimming?

Applying a skim coat (a thin layer of finishing compound) to walls or ceilings is a process known as skimming, which results in a clean even finish. A skim coat is often applied to plasterboards and, more generally, is used to even out any imperfections.

3. Can I do it myself?

Both plastering and skimming are highly skilled trades and should generally not by attempted by amateur DIYers. If you really would like to 'do it yourself', then be aware that you must be willing to accept an imperfect result. Plasterers spend several years learning the trade. You should not therefore expect to get professional results at the first try.

4. What about ceilings?

Ceilings are generally more difficult to skim than walls. Again our advice would be to stick to using the professionals.

5. How much will it cost me?

Each area in the UK has different fundamentals and the exact amount you will pay for skimming your ceiling will vary. Fortunately, you can easily get free quotes from tradesmen by posting your job online!