Free accounting (and VAT) software for tradespeople

Get making tax digital (MTD) ready


by Neil Smith,

From the 1st April 2019 tradespeople (as well as other businesses) that are registered for VAT will be required to submit VAT returns digitally according to the making tax digital (MTD) regulations. The new MTD regulations are intended to encourage the use of software accountancy solutions in order to submit VAT returns more efficiently.

As we're also affected by the latest MTD regulations we have been looking for the best solution for small and medium sized businesses like our own. After some hunting around we found that QuickFile provide an excellent and (for the most part) free solution to this problem.

QuickFile takes you through the process of using software for your accounting process in an incredibly easy and intuitive way. Downloads statements from your bank and tag transactions. It's fast, fun and free as long as you are below the 1000 leger entries per year. Most small and medium businesses will not have to pay a thing!

Then when it comes time to submit your VAT return (starting 1 April 2019), it should simply be a case of a few clicks and hey presto you're done.

We've found that QuickFile really helps us to make the accounting process simple and we're confident all will go smoothly when the time comes! Full disclosure: we are not affiliated with QuickFile in any way. We just like the product!