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Gas Work Jobs in Heanor (completed jobs only)

boiler change
Gas Work job 8 miles from Heanor in Mansfield
Bungalow fit new boiler to kitchen wall. Disconnect baxi bk boiler. Gas meter 10' from new site. Baxi pipework 10' from new site.
Remove gas fire
Gas Work job 44 miles from Heanor in Bourne
Replace heat exchanger on Vokera boiler
Gas Work job 43 miles from Heanor in Denby Dale
Need heat exchanger replacing on Vokera Compact HE boiler.
connecting gas cooker
Gas Work job 35 miles from Heanor in Goldthorpe
simle job of connecting gas cooker. The pipe is alread fitted to cooker but it is not a bayonet so part will be needed. I am in Goldthorpe, have limited income. Thanks for reading.
Gas fire
Gas Work job 41 miles from Heanor in Stockport
To remove current gas fire completely and to seal off gas pipe.
Disconnect gas cooked
Gas Work job 48 miles from Heanor in Oldham
Disconnect gas cooker
Fit new dual fuel range cooker
Gas Work job 42 miles from Heanor in Stockport
I need a dual fuel range cooker disconnected so it can be taken away then I need the new one connected up (gas and electricity) when it's delivered.
gas spur needs adjusting to allow built in oven to fit in
Gas Work job 49 miles from Heanor in Huddersfield
electric fan oven will not fit in gap due to hob gas spur not allowing oven to slot in gap.
Disconnect old gas hob, fit already bought new gas hob.
Gas Work job 39 miles from Heanor in Grimethorpe
I am buying a new gas hob, to ensure the house insurance remains valid I require the old hob disconnecting, the new hob fitting and connecting. It looks a simple and quick job, but as its gas I want to ensure its certified to ensure my insurance remains valid. Quotes would be appreciated. Many thanks.
combi gas boiler service and repair
Gas Work job 23 miles from Heanor in Uttoxeter
The boiler is due for its annual service also the reservoir for the condensation is dripping.
Remove gas fire
Gas Work job 48 miles from Heanor in Failsworth
I have an old gas fire I wish to remove. For now all I need is the gas connection sealing off as this will not be replaced
Need a gas cooker fitting
Gas Work job 48 miles from Heanor in Failsworth
Just bought a secondhand cooker. The connection on the wall doesn't seem to fit the cooker pipe.
remove gas appliance and cap off
Gas Work job 45 miles from Heanor in Crewe
fire condemned due to blocked ridge tile vent
Gas Work job 40 miles from Heanor in Coventry
British gas have condemned a fire in our front room becasue there is insufficient drawing of gases through the twin walled vent system. The blockage has been removed (large cobweb) but i need the ridge tile etc re-fitting as the tile etc is now loose.
gas central heating
Gas Work job 31 miles from Heanor in Leicester
To install full gas central heating to a three bed mid terrace house and combi boiler
2 boiler installs, 4 landlord certs
Gas Work job 49 miles from Heanor in Birmingham
1. Like for like replacement of combi boiler and landlord cert for house with boiler and hob. 2. Landlord cert for house with boiler and hob. 3. Landlord cert for house with boiler. 4. Installation of new system boiler and land lord cert. There are 4 houses which need work, all close to Selly Oak.
Need engineer to come look at a gas pipe which is broken.
Gas Work job 112 miles from Heanor in Tottenham
Have had gas capped off as was a leak in a pipe. Want pipe repaired & supply to it capped off as its not in use anymore
Boiler Repair - Leak
Gas Work job 113 miles from Heanor in West Ealing
My Ideal Boiler Isar HE24 Twin Flue Boiler started leaking water last week when I turned on the Central Heating. The leak is currently a drip. I am keen to have the boiler repaired rather than replaced because I cant afford a £4k bill.
Reconnect gas hob
Gas Work job 118 miles from Heanor in Plaistow
Reconnect gas hob in accordance with GSIUR using copper pipe and AIV
Remove gas fire
Gas Work job 226 miles from Heanor in Glasgow
Remove wall mounted gas fire and caps off gas supply