Refit incorrectly fitted ikea dishwasher door

  • Kitchen fitting
  • Muswell Hill
  • Posted 26th Oct 2016

We had an ikea kitchen fitted by non-ikea fitters, and they haven't fitted the dishwasher door front correctly. They have drilled it straight onto the door, whereas you are supposed to use brackets and slide it in. Consequently, the door doesn't open fully. I don't trust them to redo it correctly, so would like someone with ikea kitchen fitting expertise. I don't have the templates that should have been used to drill the holes in the front, so please let me know if you have some or if I need to try to get hold of more from Ikea. The dishwasher model is Medelstor, and the front is Grevsta. I woudl like the work to be done asap.
Positive Review for Anthony Rose on 8th Nov 2016
Very thorough and reliable