Baseboard and bannister

  • Joinery & Carpentry
  • Odiham
  • Posted 24th Apr 2017

I hope you are well!

I am shortly moving out of my current property and need to make some repairs as my dog has been a bit munchy, shall we say.

The bannister (simple long wood bannister up the left side of the stair, no spindles or open space) was chewed a bit at the top, and I believe it will need to be replaced.

Additionally in the kitchen, when sliding to grab toys that came to rest against the baseboards under the cabinets, the baseboards split along the posts. As such, they will need to be replaced. The dog also used the matching panel under the door to the oven as a chew toy, so this needs to be relpaced also.

I would be able to have you come look at the work anytime, and work could be done between 25 April and 05 May.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.
Negative Review for Kaliano Design on 29th Apr 2017
I talked to Kalin about the job and he was due to come over. He didn't come, and didn't have the professional courtesy to call to say he couldn't come to view the needed work and quote. When I finally caught him on the phone,there were excuses but we rescheduled. He showed up (late) and said he could do it. Later, I was chasing him for a time, fixed for Saturday. He didn't show and again didn't answer calls. Not worth your effort to get no service.