Shower room leak fix and refurbishment

  • Bathroom fitting
  • Clapham
  • Posted 19th Jan 2018

Please read in full before decided you want to do the job!

Our shower room which is a wet room was previously done to an unacceptable standard, so we would like to refurbish it.

There is a potential leak either under the floor or wall tiles, so inspection needs to be done properly. Currently the glass shower panel is fixed immediately onto the floor. We would like this to be potentially put on a platform off the ground, and making sure there is absolutely no leakage on the sides fixed to the wall. The bathroom also does not have a ventilation fan, so we would d ideally like a ventilation fan put in as well. Below, I have listed the potential list of works that need to be carried out:

1. Replace the current halogen light bulbs with LED ones, and potentially put in 2 additional ones above the shower area,

2. Installation of new extractor fan - might require new wiring,

3. Remove tiles from the walls around the shower to inspect for potential leak,

4. Remove floor tiles in shower area to inspect for potential leak,

5. Unbolt the shower panel screen off the ground, potentially put on a concrete platform to make sure there is no leakage at the base or sides. The shower panel screen is a bit too close to the toilet - bring it in a little, ideally,

6. Find potential leak and work to fix it accordingly,

7. Prepare wall behind the tiles , any lose plaster re-done with sharp mix with cement.

8. Change / cut floor board to create a more sloping down to shower floor. Currently its not sloping enough for water to run effectively,

9. Full and comprehensive tanking of shower area,

10. Fit new shower mix - potentially. Sister was living in the flat previously - it might need an upgrade,

11. Fit a new longer / wider shower water waste outlet. The current one is potentially too small to allow water to run effectively and quickly enough,

12. Tiling the wall to an impeccable standard,

13. Tiling the floor to an impeccable standard,

14. Wet / moisture resistant grouting and seal where needed to impeccable standard,

The flat is currently unoccupied, so work can begin immediately and with no hindrance.

The flat is on the first floor, up one flat of stairs.

Please only respond if you can treat the job as a priority and not just any other job.

Please only respond if you are going to stick to agreed time of meeting to inspect the job, and agreed time to start.

Please only respond if you are going to turn up, inspect, do the required measurements so you can go away knowing what needs to be done. I have a busy job and I dont have time to run around, and for builders not to turn up on time.

I need the job to be done in full. I can provide the link to where the tiles were ordered from. You will need to order the tiles and include this in the quote provided. I work in the city, so I dont have time to run around ordering supplies. This is why I need a professional builder.

Thanks in advance

Positive Review for Aquaviva Construction Ltd on 12th Apr 2018
I had the pleasure of coming across Aquaviva construction when I was looking for a contractor to completely refurbish our bathroom. The bathroom being a wet room had not been done well previously, so there was also a leak issue that needed to be dealt with. What impressed me most almost immediately was Fabrizzio's attention to detail, almost immediately upon meeting me to view the potential work. He was attentive, was happy to provide advise as well as pointing out potential issues that needed t