paint all external windows on two adjacent terraced houses

  • Painting & decorating
  • Richmond
  • Posted 1st Jun 2019

we and our next door neighbours would like to have all front wood windows painted [ 3 on each front ground floor] and [ 3 on each front first floor] scaffolding can stretch across both terrace houses. at the rear our neighbours require 3 first floor windows painted from their extension which may be walked on.

The text below and the attached bill of quantities are for our house alone. We will seek a joint quote.

we would like to have all external wood windows sanded down, if necessary repaired for damage, and repainted. We would like our front door repainted along with surrounding paint work. there are 13 windows. On the front ground floor there are 3 sash windows, at the rear ground floor there is one long 3 metre kitchen window. On the first floor at the front there are three sash windows, likely to require scaffolding, On the first floor at the rear there are four windows, two standard sash windows and a toilet and bathroom window These are accessible from the garden, which has access from the rear. The working space will require scaffolding built from a party wall to window sills over a rear glass extension.
The second floor attic conversion has a set of three windows approx 4 metres, and a further small window at the top of the stairs, this will require a scaffolding tower built from the party wall on the first floor. Further information and photos are available in the bill of quantities for this work.
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Darren was cheery and helpful through out the process. I would employ him again. David