outdoor tiling

  • Tiling
  • Kilburn
  • Posted 3rd Sep 2021

Remove tiles place new tiles and step in front passage
Negative Review for P.p St on 8th Sep 2021
RICHARD IS A SCAMMER, HE SEND ME A QUOTATION ASK ME FOR A DEPOSIT £285 FROM ON LINE BANK TRANSFER. AFTER I HAVE DONE A TRANSFER, HE TOLD HE HAS NOT RECEIVED THE MONEY AND GAVE ME A DIFFERENT ACCOUNT. I DID ANOTHER TRANSFER FOR £285. I Phoned the helpline on the NAT WEST, I was told that the first transfer is gone through. The bank is holding the 2nd transfer. He phoned me to-day asking me send me more money to pay his helper in advance, if I do not I cannot come. he texted not coming.