Building a partition wall and creating doorway

  • General building
  • Sydenham
  • Posted 25th Jul 2022

Hi, I'm looking to build a 2m partition wall to create an office space. This work will require putting up the wall, putting in a 65cm glass window panel, installing sockets, breaking through a plasterboard wall to create a doorway, moving electrical radiators and then wiring new light switches.
Negative Review for Home Renovation Services on 30th Aug 2022
Quit halfway through the project after deciding "go for cake" and not turning up. After starting well, David went completely berserk midway through the project, not turning up and deciding to start another job. He the demanded to be paid before completing the job (after not turning up for the day), and then quit, leaving a half completed wall. For no reason than he just decided not to show up