Ceilings to be skimmed over Artex

  • Plastering
  • Bethnal Green
  • Posted 16th Nov 2010

We would like the existing Artex (or similar) ceiling finish to be replaced with a smooth plaster finish.

I don't know if this requires removing the existing finish, or if it can more simply be skim coated over the existing.

There are a number of downstand beams within the space which would need to be plastered as part of the job.

The area of the ceilings to be plastered is 46 sq m, consisting of 3 bedrooms and one living room.

The property is a domestic flat with all rooms occupied, so I would need to know how much (if any) of the work could be undertaken without having to clear the rooms.

I am able to provide a scale drawing to show the exact extent of the work required.

A second phase of work will also be required at a later date, which will be to plaster the remaining rooms (ceilings and probably walls also) in the flat once they have been reconfigured.
Positive Review for Rfmaintenance on 21st Feb 2011
RF Maintenance did a good job plastering four ceililngs in furnished rooms, very competitive price.