Remove lining paper & skim one room ASAP

  • Plastering
  • Southwark
  • Posted 10th Jul 2012

One small bedroom - roughly 4 metres by 3 metres - needs to have lining paper (that has been painted over a few times) removed and then the four walls need a skim. Needs to be seen to give a quote. The work needs to be done ASAP (as in this week) as I've already got a decorator booked to paint the whole flat - this is the only room not ready and his plasterer is not available.
Please do not reply if you can't do it this week.
Positive Review for Brightstar Building Services on 23rd Jul 2012
Melvin organised a plastering job for me - removing lining paper and making good walls and then skimming one room, including ceiling. The workman was excellent and Melvin was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He responded to texts, emails and phone calls, always showed up on time, started work at 8.30 am, managed to get materials to my place within the congestion charge zone without the usual moaning, and was always courteous, polite and patient. In future I would call Melvin first for any job.