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Why don't tradesmen turn up?

We have been let down by 5 different builders (including one who never turned up to view the job). All have said when they would come to do the replacing of lintels but never came and never called either. We have chased them up by phone and they promised a new date but, alas, never turned up. We have been trying to find one since February.

Best Answer of 10 - 19th Nov 2015

Could eather be cowboys or just not interested In the job
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Answer #2 - 5th Jul 2016

This is maybe because it's a small job to a builder but we at Hutchison Groundworks no that it's not small in the customers eyes and we aim to treat every job the same no matter how big or small .
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Answer #3 - 19th Sep 2015

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works both ways unfortunately, cancelled jobs, timewasters on both sides of the fence , not just builders
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Answer #4 - 24th Jul 2016

Specialist Roofing & Building
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Sometimes tradesmen don't turn up could be several things too busy or weather conditions could be bad
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Answer #5 - 17th Sep 2015

Its unfortunate for the gentleman who posted this question because several factors could have held the tradesmen to turn up for a job.I several reasons as below;
1) A qualified tradesmen with CSCS card will turn up or phone as it is a requirement to do that.
2) A qualified tradesmen with CSCS card cant let you down unless there is extremely something wrong and would mostly phone to let you know if its an accident, death of family member, vehicle problem or materials not ready.
3) A qualified tradesmen with CSCS card will be able to do the job and therefore as a skilled person will not let you down unless if you have not checked the CSCS card from that builder which clearly shows the qualifications some have none and taking the advantage that only big companys are checked therefore working for individuals they get away with it and dont bother to turn up.
4) A qualified tradesmen with CSCS card will charge the proper rates per day whilst some who do not have CSCS cards charge low amounts but fail to turn up after realising the extent of the job they have to do later.
Finally quotations at times cost money and some one could have visited quite a number of sites to quote but only to be used for comparisons only.I normally follow up clients but fail to get hold of them unlike you chase them to do the job i wish you could have given me that job.
From (Shacky)Bridge Gap Construction and Training Services.
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Answer #6 - 8th Oct 2016

Bob roofing
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Hi there sometimes tradesmen believe they don't have enough information or they don't believe the work is serious , try give as much information as you can and you might get better response
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Answer #7 - 28th Dec 2016

Pristine roofing
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Unfortunately a lot of builders are time wasters..
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Answer #8 - 31st Mar 2017

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Or no experience or a small budget for this job.
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Answer #9 - 30th Mar 2017

D MCB Brickwork
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Sometimes for small builders it can be a juggling act when busy and without the manpower unfortunately the have to put customers back from time to time
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Answer #10 - 4th Jun 2017

MLH Building Services
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That's the million dollar question which I'm afraid can't be answered there is a lot of work going on at the moment so builders are really busy but it's still foolish to let your customers down as any good business would want customers to come back to them and to be recommended, I would like to just point out I've turned up to do a job and when there was no answer at the door I called the customer only to be told she'd completely forgotten I was booked in and had taken a short break which meant I lost out on two days wages so it does happen to the genuine builders as well.
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