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Dedicated to providing personalized building work of the highest standard, paying particular attention to detail while working efficiently, we keep the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise. Our team caters to each project's specific needs to ensure excellence. We cover whole London!


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Move a shower to the other end of the bathroom. - Bathroom fitting job in Deptford

“A great choice as they did the job in record time and to a very high standard. I will ask them to do further work if required. Really polite and tidied up well. I recommend these gentlemen! Thank you so much. ”
Install IKEA cupboards - Handyman job in Chiswick

“Erwin and his co-worker were excellent. They even messaged to say they are running 7min late! They worked efficiently and completed all the tasks in good time. ”
Sort out damp behind plasterwork - Handyman job in Deptford

“I had a damp problem and although C&E weren't the cheapest quote they were a fair bit cheaper than the most expensive. They found the problem quickly (a faulty roof vent) and sorted it out without a fuss. They also did a couple of other plastering jobs to a good standard. Good communication and reliably turned up when promised. Thanks. ”
Change my ceiling light - Electrical fitting job in Dartford

“Very high standard of workmanship and delighted with the result.”


Rectifying mismatched pipe heights for a thermostat shower without stripping off all the newly tiled walls can be challenging but not impossible. one potential solution could involve using adjustable pipe connectors or extension fittings that allow you to adjust the height of the pipes without disrupting the tiles. alternatively, if the height difference is minimal, you might consider installing decorative covers or trim plates to conceal the inconsistency.
Given the potential lack of traditional wooden studs in your 1940s-built property, your walls may be solid masonry or plaster. to hang a punch bag securely, use appropriate anchors for masonry or plaster walls such as expanding sleeve anchors or toggle bolts. ensure the bracket is heavy-duty and distribute the weight across multiple anchor points if possible for added stability.
Removing a round mixer shower cartridge can vary depending on the specific model, but typically, you'll need to locate and remove any cover or trim plates to access the cartridge. once you have access, there may be a retaining clip or nut that needs to be unscrewed or removed to release the cartridge. it's essential to consult the manufacturer's instructions for your specific shower model, most of the manuals are easily found online.
If installing a traditional p-trap isn't feasible due to the drain being in the floor, consider alternatives like an air admittance valve to prevent sewer gas odors. while s-traps are an option, they're generally not recommended due to potential issues and may not comply with building codes.
The logic combi2 boiler is generally considered a reliable choice for heating and hot water in small to medium-sized homes. it offers efficiency and compact design, suitable for a 2-bedroom house with one bathroom.
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