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Hi, as an engineer with over 20 years experience I am well aware of any problems which may arise with any project and will guide you through any home improvement you wish to undertake, we can provide kitchen supply and/or fitting,bathroom fitting and general electrical, plumbing and joinery services



I have been an engineer for over 20 years in the forces and outside the forces which has given me an excellent work ethic which hopefully you will not be disappointed with, my business has grown fantastically over the last year drawing from my engineering background to provide customers with a service and reputation I am proud of and wish to keep.


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A carpenter would be best placed to carry out the work but maybe a handyman who carries out carpentry and plastering could do the complete job
Sounds like it may need a thermostatic regulator valve fitting or if fitted, adjusting
Replace it, they are simple and cheap to replace, it's quite easy to be a little too vigorous with them lol
It would need further investigation but best guess i would say your cooker is at fault
Have you isolated cooker, cooker hood (normally missed) etc also the garage or something like that isn't supplied from the kitchen is it? it shouldn't be but you never know there are some dodgy types about. good luck

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