J & R Drives And Patios Ltd

Location: Carterton, Oxfordshire
Member Since: 15th May 2018

About Us:

With J & R drives and patios Ltd
you can be sure that we will Create for you a beautiful individual approach to your home that will last for generations to come we raise standards when doing any work for any homeowner we intend to do every job not just to last for years but for Generations �


J & R drives and patios Ltd
Was established in 2014 So we have been going for over four years I myself the owner of the company I?ve been doing driveways and patios since 20006 so from being a very young age until now all I?ve ever done is driveways and patios Since the company began in 2014 things have been okay we get most of my work from word-of-mouth if you do a good job people see the work that you?ve done they will really recommend you to a friend or family member and that is how we mostly get are work We raise standards when building your driveway or patio What you see on the top would look fabulous thanks to the tremendous designs we have in our range the quality of the blocks themselves the detailing and of course the Attention we take from design to Construction But what you do see is equally important -In fact probably more so Enormous care goes into the design preparation And construction of the foundations for your driveway or patio We appreciate every job


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