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I paint with various tools and methods depending on the client's needs. I am energetically educated, so home cabling and sewage are not a problem for me. I have a variety of tools from ordinary to professional, needed for painting, repair of electrical installations or replacement of boilers, replacement of windows and doors. I have a field vehicle with navigation, so getting to the designated des.

I do not answer calls while I work because I would not do anything. So do not call just write. For sure, you would not be happy when I was answering my calls during your work.


I am talented and I have experience in a very wide range of work. When I was a young man and finished my studies, I was instincted that in order to rule people, one must first learn what they are supposed to do. Yes, I did it. In one plant I worked as a manager and in the other as a physical worker. After 10 years, I combined my skills and now I am a professional handyman.


I am an authorized BAXTER specialist from removing moisture, mold, fungi from various rooms and premises, specializing in removing moisture from basements. I advise you in writing and I also come to the client.
The second specialty I do is remove the condensation of rooms, windows, remove thermal bridges using a thermal imaging camera and a special thermal insulation mass. For an indefinite period of time, I remove the black coating of silicones in kitchens and bathrooms.
Painting with me is also a pleasure for me, because I can also advise that paint for painting walls in the bedroom can not be used in the kitchen or bathroom. In addition, I know that one adult person exhales during sleep 6l of water, which absorbs walls, I know a lot more about wall breathing and room ventilation, when I will perform a service for you, I will tell you about all of this.
I am an energy workers so electrical, fire protection and industrial security cameras are not a problem for them. I have the appropriate certifications and permits.
As I mentioned above, I am an energetic person so matters related to plumbing are also no obstacle for me, I have certifications and permits to perform such works.
I issue gas, electric and fire protection certifications.
With my experience and knowledge, I can take over all technical control over your home.


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cavity wall insulation - Insulation job in Stafford

“Very polite and helpful couple of lads and quick workers”
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