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We just started working self employed but together we have over 35 years experience on construction site, my uncle has experience working in construction as team leader and has knowledge about every aspect in building and restoration, he does an greate job and he can do almost every job I can think at apart from plumbing and electrical installations.
I have over 3 years experience as carpenter and around 2 years working in demolition, we have excellent attention to details and we make a greate team working together.


I started working with my uncle in school holidays and occasionally weekends building bungalows and wooden products, furniture or door frames and doors, recreational shacks, wooden houses, after school worked in construction for almost 3 years with my uncle building residential projects, fences, foundations etc. We formed a team together and we are looking to take some small refurbishment projects or long term as well. My uncle has over 25 years experience building on construction site, his responsibilitys were to build houses and make sure nothing go wrong. He can build formwork and install reinforcing steel, build column formwork reinforced with steel, poor and level concrete slab, bricklaying and isolation, plastering and roofing, bathroom installation, house extensions, doors and windows installation. He can raise a house of wood or concrete alone and almost everything you can think at.


Plant operator NPORS:
Telehandler all sizes excluding 360 slew.
360 Digger driver above and under 10 ton plus lifting ops.
Forklift driving rough terrain and counterbalance 4 years experience. CSCS health and safety

Construction engineering and team leader experience over 25 years.
CSCS health and safety


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I think we should use the tile grey paint combined with an base coat of acrylic based waterproof latex, it should be more effective against humidity

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