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Hi all, my name is neil and I own South Yorkshire plastering services. I have 21 years experience as a plasterer on both domestic and commercial projects.
No job is too big or small. Please contact for a free no obligation quote and myself or one of my team will come to see you and discuss the job in question.


I have been plastering for 21 years from leaving school. I have worked as a sub contractor for around 18 years on a lot of big projects around the country including hotels,schools and hospitals. I decided in 2017 to set up on my own and have mainly done domestic properties and 1 quite large commercial property. Over the years I have gone from strength to strength within my trade and I believe I have a good work ethic.


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indoor ceiling hairline cracks - Plastering job in Sheffield

“Pleased i hired Nt Plastering and the job they have done for me . They were prompt to respond to my crazed hairline cracked ceiling problem, were helpful , reliable , friendly and courteous . I recommend and would hire again .Thank you ”


Febond blue grit. apply 24hrs before wanting to skim with a brush or roller. it can be pricey but is extremely good. some paint such as kitchen paint for instance can make pva and skim very hard. the blue grit sets and give a nice key for the skim.
So depending on where you are in the country depends on the average price.
the price you have been given seems a little on the high side if i'm being honest. i would be thinking more towards the £650-£700 area for an average size room.
So first of all,you only need to fire board the ceiling.
as for plasterboard on brickwork....yes you can. just as you say,dot and dab it on. for the boiler,just work out where you would like to put it and make sure you put more dots behind the board in the area to give a solid fixing area. you dont need to insulate the walls or anything. any walls that are likely to be exposed to water(no tiles) then i would be using moisture resistant boards. all a little expensive but all very good materials.
It doesn't need to be skimmed but its generally preferred as it's another layer for strength,warmth etc... you could opt to tape and joint the wall instead but either are just as good a finish when done right.
First of all i would never skim the wall right to the bottom as it can help rising damp. i would always leave a small gap then either skirting board it or put a floor down that rolls up the wall.
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