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Business as usual and Extremely Competitive Rates
50% Cheaper and You Won't Find Anyone at MY Prices.
Unblocking Drains - Toilets - Sinks - Baths & Showers.
Drain Cleaning - Domestic & Small Businesses Only.

Retired Locksmith.
Fitting Only (Not Supply) New locks.
Cylinder (Euro) & Rim Cylinder (Yale Type).
Extremely Competitive Rates.



I have been unblocking drains since 2007.
It all started when I called out (Company not named), and they charged me £160 to just unblock my drain.
I took an interest in what they were doing, and I didn't think that £160 for 25 mins work could warrant the work carried out.
So I decided to look deeper into this business, and simply charge a reasonable low rate.

The extent of my work involves;
Unblocking Drains, Toilets, Sinks, Baths & Showers.
Drain Cleaning with Jetting Hoses.


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The outside drain from kitchen is a trap.
it's designed to help stop bad smells from sewer system.
if the drain was clear and empty, you would see either a 'u'bend (similar to a toilet) or a type of cup. water sits in this to prevent smells.
hope this helps.
tony from unblock my drain
From what you described, you can easily fit a longer hose without any problems.
it is only an inlet hose, and the shut off will be within the machine.
Check these first;
remove the cistern lid and check water level. if the level is too high, adjust the ballcock adjustment screw to reduce the amount of water holding in the cistern.
the 'left white bolt' maybe the the water inlet. if this is leaking, then you might be better off getting a plumber to sort it out for you or if you feel capable to do it yourself...
1) turn off cold water feed into the cistern.
2) flush the cistern.
3) undo the nut on the plastic 'white bolt' only half way, dry the area around hole, and place "plumbers mate" around the hole.
4) tighten the nut, and leave for about 30 mins.
5) turn water back on and check if the leak has stopped.
the bath has a panel at the front.
it will either lift out, or unscrew panel and lift out from the bottom.
this will give you access under bath.
You either have a slow leaking pipe in the loft, or it may be a condensation build up.
clean the area around light, (switch off electricity supply first) and try opening the window slightly or window vent.

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