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Our 8 years experience in cabinetry, furniture making and assembly, finish carpentry, flooring and high quality painting started in Chicago and 3 years ago moved to UK. Our goal is to accomplish your needs by bringing you top quality service for very affordable pricing. Every employee of ours receive proper updated training on constant basis, so their knowledge is up to date allowing us to provide exceptional work quality and highest customer satisfaction level. No job is too big, no job too small. We are here for you and looking forward doing business together!



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facing radiator left valve ( might have rubber cap) is cut off valve which used to cut water supply off( off clock wise). the one on your right must have turn thermostatic handle where you control your temperature handle and this is the one you should be using it to control heat
it could be joist problem or just plywood needs to be attached better to the joists. also if your floor is wooden/laminate and was installed on uneven floor that could be an issue. i could definitely help you out, but i will need to see it first
slightly sand it and prime with zinsser sealant/primer. that will give perfect surface to paint your 3 coats of paint
You will need 3 coats of paint for your doors and trim to look perfect. door is 6 m² and 1 litter will cover 15 m²
Best way is to buy paint remover( chemical). remove paint, then coat of stabiliser, coat of primer and 2 coats of paint. that will do

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