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About Us:

CUSTOMSCAPE is a company that can help you with turning your garden into that inspiring and functional place you have always dreamed of. We specialise in both soft and hard landscaping and have the equipment, experience, and knowledge to perfectly transform any garden into a place of relaxation.


I gained my experience over the years on construction sites now i am using it to transform my customer's gardens and i am doing it well.
My work is always to the highest standards and i do not comprise on price.If the job is worth doing is worth doing it right.
My services:
1)driveways-block paving,gravel,rasin
2)garden patio slabs
4)artificial grass


Cpcs 360 excavator
Npors dumper and roller
first Aid
Street Work
Cscs health and safety at work
C&G Level 3 electrical instalations


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When i go to the job like this i advice customer to do it right way so lift the slabs check the ground first if it is good solid base 100mm hardcore customer can choose to just re lay it on the existing base to minimise cost .
adding new slabs you have to dig it out 150mm put down weed control membrane and 100mm harcore some people put 50mm all depend whats the ground like.
if what he is done anything different what i just wrote he should pay back to you for the labour cost and material wasted.
when my customer say i am too expensive i ask if price or cost is too expensive,price can be low at the start but overall cost more expensive.
i hope the answer is good enough new contractor will solve the problem.
Yellow coil land drainage pipe 50m x 110mm can be used no problem,
once the trench is completed, it can be lined with the geo-textile. this must be a construction grade geo-textile and not a weak landscape fabric which will tear and fall apart when buried, offering no protection whatsoever to the gravel.
..the additional width allows for the wrap-over on top of the gravel backfill.
i hope this answer is good enough.
marek -customscape ltd
Hedge removal (small hedge, 2-4m)
job price:
low price £100
high price 250
average price £175

hedge removal (large hedge) job price:
low price £250
high price £400
average price £325

may increase if specialist equipment is required £50-£120 a day

potential problems with hedge removal:

in many cases, hedges are subject to protection orders and interfering with them can put you on the wrong side of the law. the rules covering countryside hedgerows are relatively specific, and you need to follow when removing such designated hedgerows. you can get a fine up to £5,000 if you don’t follow these rules.

i hope that explained how much you should pay for the job.
The average cost for a standard shed removal is around £200.
For a simple brick wall in your garden, you can expect to pay £200 - £250 to have someone take it down.
new fencing 6ft wide £100-£150.
additional costs:
if the brick wall has a footing that needs to be removed, then the costs will be much higher.
to hire a jackhammer and dispose of the concrete yourself could cost £150 - £200. it takes a lot of time. to hire someone to do this work could cost over £1,000.

but your fence could be fitted to the concrete footing all depends.
tradesmen should advice you what's best and cost effective.
many thanks
marek rusnak
customscape ltd

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