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Which area(s) need pressure washing?
Deck or patio


Brick cleaning. patio and driveways,, flat roof repairs. shed repairs, repointing services. Blocked drains in guttering. Concrete repairs by Restore are usually used by property owners, contractors and developers to improve the appearance of a property by cleaning the brick or stone work, or removing paint from brick work. This obviously can have a considerable effect on a property’s value,


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Repointing cost breakdown. the amount you will be charged for labour will depend on the day rate of the professionals. an average bricklayer charges about £150 per day while labourer charges from £75 to £100 per
Is the mortar pointing in good condition? if the hard surface layer can be picked out from the joint, or if the mortar can easily be scraped out with, say, a door key, then this is a good indication that the wall may need repointing.
 is an advanced white paint that heats up the surface it is applied to in order to eliminate cold spots. cold spots are usually the reason condensation forms, so by eliminating cold spots you eliminate condensation and the black mould that accompanies condensation.

 contains tiny hollow glass beads. these beads act like miniature 'thermos flasks', this increases the wall temperature, thus reducing the 'dew point' or the temperature at which condensation occurs.

main features of restor-therm include:

eliminates condensation & mouldthermally insulating and water repellentextends the life of your chosen paint or wall paper finisheco-friendly, antibacterial properties


 ideal areas of use:

cold wallsceilingsbathroomsutility roomsover windowskitchens
As long as you don't disturb asbestos
The old walls may have been painted with an oil based paint which will repel the plaster

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