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Hi, my name is Marius Skugaras, I am a leader of 4 people team "Proper Property Renovations Yorkshire UK" what is a small private business, - family and friends. I started it two decades ago on my own while studying in college construction and engineering, following years passed plastering and plumbing sertifications and since then never stopped. Over many years of work and
continuous same trade gained huge amount of experience and knowledge, and developed good few skills,- practically to high level professionalism.

If to talk about a teem: we are young (between 30 and 40), well skilled, organised, strong, always motivated and afcorse delivering amaizing results for your projects and friendly service.


*Construction and Engineering national award diploma --Bradford Collage
*Plastering certificate --Bradford tiling Academy
*Plumbing (water type) --Bradford tiling Academy (NOT a gas type plumbing)


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,trade centers like b&q, wikes, jewson, maningham concrete and others have mortar cleaning solution muriatic acid made from hydrochloric acid-water and other trace minerals. it cleans even old dry cement and other familiar adhesives, tile adhesives and grouts.
It is very possible that shower and sink waste pipes connected together to one, what is not advisable. every unit like sink, shower, bath, toilet and others should have its own separate waste pipes directed outside through the wall and connected downwards to the mane gully or connected to the 4 inch waste pipe directed downwards as well.
now in this situation you might have peace of dirt standing stuck on a pipe joint and keeps moving about few mm in and out and preventing waste water from smooth let out.
Peal off and sand down what ever is loose. you can apply some wood treatment to avoid rot in a future. then paint with prime paint and on the end paint with external paints of your chosen color.

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