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Firstly a picture should have been taken of the damage to the vinyl flooring either before you signed the tenancy or as soon as you noticed it upon moving in and the landlord should have been notified this would have covered you bearing any responsibility however if you sign a form and it did not state any damage to the vinyl flooring then you could very well be held responsible as there is no proof the damage was present before you moved in!! as for the water leakage yes any holes rips in the flooring will allow water to seap downstairs this could be from your body after showing bathing ect really the flooring should be sealed in your bathroom and the vinyl replaced as it's a major health and safety risk electrics and water don't mix well unfortunately but i would go further than just replacing the vinyl actually sealing the floor to stop any water getting into the void between the downstairs ceiling and your bathroom floor even if the vinyl becomes damaged i think just vinyl flooring as the only form of water leakage prevention is not good enought and that is down to your landlord to sort out so regardless of the damage to the vinyl the landlord still bears overall responsibility to fix this issue properly cutting corners here will be costly one day new ceiling replastering damaged electrics new lighting so sealing the floor now and maybe laying floor tiles is the way to go here i would suggest

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