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Location: Harrow, Middlesex
Member Since: 31st Jan 2024

About Us:

A company driven by a passion for creating exceptional resin driveways. With a vision to transform ordinary driveways into stunning works of art, our journey began.

At our core, we believed that driveways shouldn’t be merely functional, but rather an extension of a property’s character and charm. We understood that a well-crafted resin driveway could enhance the curb appeal and make a lasting impression. Armed with this conviction, our team of skilled craftsmen and design experts set out to revolutionize the industry.

Every project we undertook became a canvas for our creativity and dedication to perfection. We meticulously sourced the finest quality materials, handpicked for their durability and visual appeal. Each resin driveway we crafted was a masterpiece, meticulously installed and finished with precision.


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It sounds like you're dealing with some concerning issues with the tiler, and it's understandable that you want the work done properly and as agreed upon. here are a few thoughts and suggestions:

communication is key:

clearly communicate your expectations and concerns with the tiler. make sure you both are on the same page regarding the scope of work, the timeline, and any additional costs.
reiterate what was agreed upon in your initial email list, emphasizing that it was a comprehensive agreement.
timeframe realism:

it's important to be realistic about the time needed for the work. tiling can be a meticulous process, especially around tricky areas like windows. ensure that the tiler understands the importance of allowing proper drying time before grouting.
grouting timing:

stick to your decision about not grouting on the same day. explain that it's for the longevity and quality of the work. quick drying adhesives still need adequate curing time.
additional costs:

discuss any additional costs that have been proposed by the tiler. if you have a written agreement or email confirmation, use that as reference to avoid any discrepancies.
quality over speed:

it's crucial that the work is done properly, even if it takes a bit longer. rushing the process can lead to mistakes and a poor-quality finish, which may cost more to rectify later.
review the contract:

if you have a written contract, review it thoroughly to ensure all aspects of the job are covered. if not, try to create a written agreement or confirmation of the scope of work and terms.
seek professional advice:

if the situation escalates and you're unable to come to an agreement, you may want to seek advice from a professional, such as a construction consultant or legal expert, to understand your rights and options.
remember, it's essential to have open and honest communication with the tiler to find a resolution that works for both parties. if he agreed to a certain price and scope of work, he should honor that agreement. if there are legitimate additional costs, they should be discussed and agreed upon transparently.
When dealing with manhole covers in a patio installation, it's important to consider both practicality and compliance with local regulations. here are some points to consider:

access requirements:

manhole covers are designed to provide access to utility infrastructure for maintenance and inspection purposes. it's crucial to ensure that the cover allows adequate access to the manhole for maintenance personnel if needed.
local regulations:

check with your local building or utility authority to understand any regulations or guidelines regarding the placement and access to manhole covers. some areas may have specific requirements to ensure that covers are easily accessible.
alignment with patio:

while aligning the manhole cover with the patio might be aesthetically pleasing, the primary concern should be maintaining sufficient access. if there's still enough access to the manhole even with some corners covered, it might be acceptable.
practical considerations:

consider the practical aspects of alignment. if aligning the manhole cover with the patio makes it more challenging for maintenance workers to access the manhole or if it compromises the integrity of the patio, it may not be the best option.
consult with the installer:

discuss your concerns with the patio installer. they may have experience dealing with similar situations and can provide advice on the best approach. they might also have suggestions for covers that can be integrated more seamlessly into the patio design while still allowing access.
seek professional advice:

if in doubt, consider consulting with a structural engineer or a professional with expertise in patio installations and utility access. they can provide guidance based on the specific details of your patio and manhole cover.
remember that safety and compliance should be the top priorities. it's essential to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that the patio is not only visually pleasing but also meets practical and regulatory requirements.

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