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Hello my name is lemar I’m currently on my second year as an apprentice on a level 3 plumbing/gas course I work with my dad who has been in the trade game for about 40 years so I’m learning from an experienced professional I like to think in quite good at what I do,so I’m very keen to learn and I’m also very keen on getting my own type of jobs on the side I am quite competent so don’t be afraid to call me to get your work done


Level 2 plumbing


1 reviews, 100% Positive
Balanced radiators - Plumbing job in Birmingham

“ I had to call Lemar over to sort out my radiators, as one of them was stone cold. Lemar provided me with a quote and got the job done efficiently. I was well pleased and he is now the household plumber.”


Thermal imaging camera
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