Brickwork jobs in Portsmouth

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Brickwork Jobs in Portsmouth (completed jobs only)

rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job in Portsmouth
rebuild back garden wall
Replace fence with wall
Brickwork job in Portsmouth
I have a garden fence 60ft long which is I state of disrepair and need to Replace it with a 4ft high wall
I need to add 350 bricks on my garden wall thanks
Brickwork job 15 miles from Portsmouth in Southampton
I want to add 350 bricks on my garden wall as soon as possible
Repair garden wall
Brickwork job 18 miles from Portsmouth in Eastleigh
15 metre wall needs some repair and coping fitting. Bricks and coping all ready on site.
Need a cooker extract hole in drilled in external brick wall
Brickwork job 44 miles from Portsmouth in Reading
Need cooker extract duct hole drilled in external wall. 140 mm diameter. Core drilled or stitch drilled.
rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job 39 miles from Portsmouth in Poole
Rebuild/ repair front garden wall.
Build a circular brick well head
Brickwork job 36 miles from Portsmouth in Guildford
Remove an existing hexagonal brick well head and rebuild in traditional circular brick form
Rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job 33 miles from Portsmouth in Aldershot
Rebuild garden wall after my car rolled back into it and knocked couple of rows of bricks down
rebuild low stone wall
Brickwork job 38 miles from Portsmouth in Guildford
rebuild small low stone wall that is bending out and crumbling
Repair church dwarf wall
Brickwork job 46 miles from Portsmouth in Reading
1.4 metres of dwarf wall 5 courses high plus cap stones knock down by vehicle or vandal. Photos available
Rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job 50 miles from Portsmouth in Epsom
Garden wall 9 metres long - over 30 years old and now crumbling. Remove all old brick wall and replace with new bricks and remove all waste material
Rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job 37 miles from Portsmouth in Salisbury
Rebuild back wall after Feb gales about 10 metres long
re-pointing garden path and patio
Brickwork job 50 miles from Portsmouth in Epsom
re-point garden path 6yds by 1yd " " patio 5 yds by 4 yds
Alteration work to detached double garage
Brickwork job 41 miles from Portsmouth in Dorking
Detached, double garage, but with a central brick pillar and 2 single-width doors. Would like a quote for the central pillar to be removed and the 2 existing steel lintels either welded together or replaced with a single full-width lintel to accommodate a double-width door (already purchased).
brick and paving slabs
Brickwork job 49 miles from Portsmouth in Tadworth
replace broken bricks about 20 refit lose slabs and point
Remaining brickwork attached to house after archway removed
Brickwork job 114 miles from Portsmouth in Solihull
Archway over garden gate been removed leaving remaining brickwork attached to house also debris from archway taken away
Fixed crumbling brickwork on doorstep
Brickwork job 358 miles from Portsmouth in Strathaven
My back doorstep has 2 steps The slabs on the top are fine but the bricks underneath are crumbling and as a result the steps are uneven and wobbly / dangerous Looking for someone who can re-do the brickwork underneath and relay the slabs back on top Any help greatly appreciated!
Remove 4ft drive bruck pillar and rebuild 3ft to the right.
Brickwork job 201 miles from Portsmouth in Castleford
As short description
small repointing job
Brickwork job 112 miles from Portsmouth in Coventry
there's about 10 to 12 foot joint of repointing to do and a bit around a window to fill
rebuild the small garden wall
Brickwork job 73 miles from Portsmouth in Dagenham
It is small front garden wall , single brick with 4 courses high . It is around 10m long ,rectangle shape enclosing small planting area. It need to be rebuild completely as it is falling apart .