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Brickwork Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

Mending some crack
Brickwork job in Thornton Heath
Need repairing some crack on the wall.
Hi Need a quote for the concrete blocks wall around the Garden. 10.5 -11 meter long, 1.7-1.8m tall and around 1 meter space for door. Swindon SN1 area Welcome to look at it before the quote Best regards Sunny
One day-Bricklayer needed to build 3 meter × 1 meter double skin cavity wall in front of garage door All materials provided
Outside garden wall
Brickwork job in Bradford
We need a wall and steps going down into garden pointing. The wall is roughly 4 ft tall 23 foot wide.
No additional work
Rebuild side gate pillar
Brickwork job in Chislehurst
A delivery man knocked into the arch and loosened the pillar. Had arch taken down but pillar still needs securing as gate is dragging on ground.
repair top layer of garden wall
Brickwork job in Birmingham
Repair needed to top layer of bricks garden wall, approx 18 bricks need attention, brand new bricks already on site, wall is 10ft long and 4ft in height
Pizza oven brick arch
Brickwork job in Birmingham
I have laid the four courses of the base of the pizza oven but I need an expert to lay a solid brick arch over the top
Rebuild drive walls
Brickwork job in Leicester
2 single layer walls on drive very old and would like 2 layer walls with new bricks. The mortar is crumbling on both walls and brick faces popped.
Raised curved flower bed
Brickwork job in Manchester
Terraced property with small front garden need curved wall behind existing wall to form raised flower bed
Rebuild back door step
Brickwork job in Manchester
Step at back door needs knocking out and rebuilding to make it safe for an elderly couple. May need a hand rail installing too if possible
rebuild garden wall and re-attach gate
Brickwork job in Loughborough
Rebuild front garden wall which has partially fallen and reattach to sets of gates
Rebuild garden steps
Brickwork job in Stalybridge
Rebuild steps in back garden and steps at side of house but with a slight change of layout.
Following replacement of through the wall oil boiler there is a gap in my wall which needs put right on both sides .
Front garden brickwork damaged due to cellar conversion work. Not sure whether to repair or rebuild; depends on cost.
I have a wall round the front garden and a low wall between us and the next doors driveway. Over the year the top 'coping' stones have become loose and cracked i need them lifting and recementing in place.
Brickwork required for pizza oven
Brickwork job in Worthing
Brick work for pizza oven base and to cover the pizza dome (approx 970cm by 750cm). In addition, a brick wall (approx. 3.6m each side) to be built along two sides of the pizza area plus a work top area.
relay and repoint steps and a wall
Brickwork job in Chatham
The steps and the top layer of bricks on a flight of steps up to the front door are loose and need re-laying and repointing.
Put a garden gate in a brick wall
Brickwork job in Milton Keynes
I was wondering if you would be kind enough to give me an estimate to get a garden gate installed into a wall that connects the garden to the front of my house. Please can you provide a comprehensive estimate including VAT for the complete job which would include cutting the brick to make the doorway, installation of door frame + door and disposal of any waste generated etc.
Rebuild garden brick wall
Brickwork job in Stockport
Rebuild garden wall that has been knocked down partially and some pointing on the house.