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Brickwork Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

Brick pier issue
Brickwork job in Manchester
Hi I have two brick piers that Need breaking up.
Building a straight line of concrete blocks 20m long x 4.5m tall at the apex. Two windposts have already been fitted to tie into.
Rebuild back step
Brickwork job in Banbury
Rebuild back step due to weathering
Rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job in Salisbury
Rebuild back wall after Feb gales about 10 metres long
Rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job in St Neots
Rebuild front garden wall to detached house (now flats) to match wall on other side of front gate. It was blown over in February storm, the bricks are still there to be reused if possible.
2 x Pillars
Brickwork job in Liverpool
Pillar either side of path required building to replace existing ones (existing ones have been removed)
3 foot wall built on a slope with a privacy fence on top, length approximately 40 - 50 feet and overall height 6 feet.
Retaining Wall Repair
Brickwork job in Winchester
Hello We have a retaining wall at the end of our garden which has now started to lean into our neighbour’s garden. This needs removing and replacing with new gravel boards. We also want to reduce the height of a small, gravelled area. This would need the soil removed and repaved to match existing patio area. We would also like a two-brick height decorative wall, built along the length of the area which is about 14 feet wide. This is a private garden in Weeke, Winchester. Please can we arrange for you to give us a quote. Best regards
Rebuild small garden wall
Brickwork job in Sheerness
Half moon brick flower bed in need of rebuilding, some loose bricks after removing shrubs. Also it wasn't ‘fixed’ to the house when it was built.
Build door step
Brickwork job in York
Build door step with maybe flags on top
Flower bed with bricks 9x8 m. And 50m2 slabs
Brickwork job in Crowborough
Flower bed two corner 9x8m Slabs 50m2
Fence posts are starting to lean back as there is no support behind them and will collapse at some point. We have been told a retaining wall is required.
Increase the height of garden wall from existing height of one metre to two metres; fit two-metre garden gate and gate posts; and re-point blue brick garden path
build a pillar
Brickwork job in Tyldesley
to build a pillar to attached metal gates
instal pizza oven
Brickwork job in Bognor Regis
install small pizza oven
Water coming through in the kitchen ceiling after the heavy rain only. Looks as its coming from outside wall because the wall is wet in that places. House is link-detached but that wall not connected to neighbours. Need to be sorted out.
Rebuild small garden wall
Brickwork job in Northampton
Rebuild garden wall 6mtrs x0.9mtrs in back garden due to storm damage
The pavement outside our house is lower than the front garden and the border is formed by a 'wall' of sleepers. The wall in part is separating from the earth and hedging it is meant to retain and it needs repositioning. I do not know why it is now beginning to lean.
Repair two badly broken outside window sills.
Low wall crumbling through age and probably frost damage