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Brickwork Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

my elderly mum is having her gas meeter put outside and we need to bricks removing and the outcase for the gas meter to fit in ready for when Cadent then move the meter from inside to outside
Rebuild front garden wall
Brickwork job in Norwich
Wall is old and frost damaged with many loose bricks. Approx 4m long and 1.5 m high
Finish garden wall and paving
Brickwork job in Basildon
Finish front wall and finish paving.
Repair garden wall
Brickwork job in Warrington
Replace 3-4 courses of damaged brick work on 3 rectangular columns in garden wall. Columns approx. 7’ tall.
Repair damaged garage wall
Brickwork job in Canterbury
Internal garage party breeze block wall has been damaged by someone reversing into it. Couple of broken blocks need replacing and where the wall has been displaced, blocks need removing, cleaning up and relaying.
cut a wall to install a gate
Brickwork job in Chorley
Cut a gap in existing 1m high wall and build two pillars to use for fitting a garden gate
Rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job in Bridgend
Rebuild garden wall and take out privet hedge after a car driving through it
I want to add 350 bricks on my garden wall as soon as possible
Water ingress above downstairs kitchen window
Brickwork job in Rhondda Cynon Taff
Water coming in above window in downstairs kitchen Property less than 20 years old Investigate leak and repair required
repair gable wall bricks
Brickwork job in Leighton Buzzard
The gable of the side wall of my building has bent out and leave a small gap to the roof tires.
A chunk of parging has come off the house. It has painted brick about 3 bricks high, with white stucco parging on top. It's a area about 2' x 3' once other loose stuff is removed.
Build a garden wall
Brickwork job in Romford
I would like to build a garden wall
I have a half brick / half UPVC porch at the front of my house which surrounds my front door. The brickwork is also tied into the bay window. I would like the porch removing and the brickwork altering on the bay window to make it good please. Thankyou.
replace/rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job in Benfleet
rebuild garden wall to front of house after car crash
rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job in Billericay
small wall on one side of steps leading down to house after accident
Build garden wall.
Brickwork job in Croydon
Rebuild drive way wall.
Small section of front wall showing signs of cracking requiring repair.
Replace a brick and repoint
Brickwork job in Clapham Junction
Small job for replacing brick and repointing
Rebuild front garden wall
Brickwork job in Port Talbot
Knock down remove and rebuild front garden side wall. Roughly 150 bricks. The wall will need an arch as there is a water manhole inbetween the two gardens. A pillar is also needed.
Need hole filling with bricks matching the rest of the wall. The hole is approx 32cm x 30cm but will require removal of some bricks to make the wall look filled again. Will requite a quote for labour and materials.