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Landscape gardening Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

concrete base
Landscape gardening job in Stoke-on-Trent
Small corner area of the back yard by the house needs concrete base about 12x12 ft Minus the corner of house.
Lay lawn
Landscape gardening job in Stoke-on-Trent
Level the soil though it's not bad, and lay the turf
garden clearance and maintenance
Landscape gardening job in Wisbech
Clear overgrown back garden, cut back/remove scrubs. Replace lawn with pebbles
Remove existing small hedge. Level and prepare ground by lifting up old paving and replace with new paving slabs. Re-cement capping stone to brick wall. Area size approximately 12 ft x 6 ft. To front of property.
lay new patio
Landscape gardening job in Wimbledon
Play a new patio running from the back door to the garden. Approximately a 8 m path and then a small area of approximately 10 m² all on one level, no steps.
Even out the garden and restore the lawn
Landscape gardening job in High Wycombe
The garden fell into a bit of disrepair and we've had the fence replaced recently, which the lawn, which had plenty of moss and weeds to begin with, didn't quite survive... Let's take the opportunity and flatten the surface to get rid of some minor "hills and valleys" and restore the lawn. Rough measurements of the affected lawn is 12x5 metres.
Lay patio
Landscape gardening job in Melton Mowbray
New patio in the back garden outside the double doors. Steps onto the patio. Land will need flattening/building up as it’s uneven.
Extend a patio
Landscape gardening job in Falkirk
Approx 35 slabs to be laid to extend a patio
Laying of slabs in the garden
Landscape gardening job in Bicester
Laying of slabs for garden area, 2mx6m
Replace stones in patio
Landscape gardening job in Calne
Replace existing slabs in patio. Dig out section of road.
Large area needs small slabs lifting n relaying properly
Landscape gardening job in Leicester
Paved back garden approx 7m x 4m very little digging out required slabs just laid on soil. Garden has sunk do just needs layer of hard core or mill waste to create level base. Slabs are Approx 12" x 12"
I am shortly renting out the house. The front garden needs some new paving slabs and generally tidying. WC needs tiling. Possibly a new shower fitting and the kitchen sink and tap needs replacing. Some decorating work also
Patio in Indian sandstone
Landscape gardening job in Weybridge
Patio approx 10 m square to match existing in garden over paving some uneven
Lay new patio
Landscape gardening job in Glasgow
New patio at back door
Small gardening job. Remove turf/ put stones down
Landscape gardening job in Newport-on-Tay
Small area grass to be removed/ covered with membrane and stones to match existing drive. Plastic edging
removal/disposal of large hedge
Landscape gardening job in Stamford
hedge measures 14mx2mx1.5m
Dig out plants and put slab circle in small front garden
Landscape gardening job in Doncaster
Dig out plants,install stone circle and stone chipping in small font garden
Lay turf
Landscape gardening job in Stevenage
Need some topsoil laying and then turf area is 5mts x1.5mts 7.5M2 in total Regards Steve
Lay new small patio
Landscape gardening job in South Ealing
New square patio outside back door, approx 4sq m. Prepare and level ground.
concrete base for shed
Landscape gardening job in Stockport
Need a builder to make a concrete base 94inch X 86in for shed installation