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Handyman Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

Fitting wall mount pull up bar
Handyman job in South Lambeth
The holes in the outdoor wall need to be done with a 12mm drill bit and a strong masonry drill. There’s 6 holes to do.
Strip small kitchen ready for plastering
Handyman job in Stourbridge
Take out old kitchen units in a small kitchen, about 4 cupboard, and work bench, take out tiling work, and get kitchen wall ready for plastering.
Remove fitted dishwasher
Handyman job in Manchester
Our old broken , fitted dishwasher needs pulling out so we can replace it but we have taken out the screws we can see and tried to shift it and can’t. It doesn’t budge. So we need someone who has done this before and a bit more brute force to help us get it out.
Fit artificial ivy trellis
Handyman job in Oxford
Fit on outside wall of my bungalow
Fixing electric gates
Handyman job in Stockport
The gates have been damaged by force. Need rehanging and motor arm refixing to post
putting up items
Handyman job in Dagenham
Removing a bathroom shelf, putting up a bathroom mirror, shower rail and putting together a bathroom cabinet and possibly toilet seat.
GRP door surround
Handyman job in Oldham
To install GRP door surround around the front door
Hanging pictures putting up curtain poles bathroom cabinet fitting to wall etc
Need tv putting on bracket
Handyman job in Solihull
Tv needs putting on bracket in bedroom. Want the current one taken down
We need two rooms (one wall in each room and the ceiling) to be painted following some damage due to a leak. The leak has been fixed and the dampness has dried so should be fine to paint now. Also need some filling and paint work on another wall where a shelf broke and fall. I would need a handyman who can provide and fix 2 shelves for the kitchen and curtain rails for 2 rooms. Thank you.
2 kitchen cupboards 50cm & 100cm wide and 2 smaller bathroom cabinets. All need to be assembled from flat packs and fixed to the walls. I might need some suitable plugs for the walls. I would really like this job done one day from 27 December to 30 December if possible.
Repair kitchen cupboards
Handyman job in Wetherby
Cupboard doors need refixing
Supply and fit spur shelves to bedroom, fix window locks, hang pictures, mend drawers.
I've bought a two piece dresser unit for the living room. I need two guys just to lift the bottom unit onto the top coz I've hurt my back and can't lift. It's literally a five minute job
Put key safe box in porch
Handyman job in Dagenham
As above. I have the box it just needs fixing to the brick wall
TV and pictures mounted on walls
Handyman job in Norbury
Current TV would need dismounting and bracket removed. New bracket then put up and new 50? TV mounted. Approximately 5 pictures mounted on walls.
Bad smell in bathroom and skylight
Handyman job in Islington
We have an unpleasant smell coming from either pipes or external ventilation fan in the bathroom. We think the autumn leaves have gone into the pipe and we would like help in diagnosing and solving the issue. Separately, one of our skylights has a leak and we would like to fix this.
Repaint baby cot
Handyman job in Bromsgrove
I have a small baby rocking crib which I'd like sanding down and repainted
replace sealant on shower tray & bath
Handyman job in Raynes Park
1. Shower is leaking as sealant has come away from shower tray + 2. separate bath - also needs sealant replacing
New carpet to be fitted. Fitter says I should trim door by 3mm for new carpet.