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Electrical fitting Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

10 spot lights instalation in my kitchen
Electrical fitting job in Hayes
I am looking to install 10 spot lights in my kitchen and new carbon alarm.
New socket in cupboard
Electrical fitting job in Romford
New socket for drier in cupboard
Connect Thermostat to Boiler Junction Box
Electrical fitting job in Chingford
Hi, I’d like to have some quick rewiring done under my boiler. Currently, I have a thermostat which is attached to my wall and this is connected directly to the boiler’s wiring junction box (it’s not wireless). See: https://ibb.co/jb5ZD14 Now I have bought a new wireless Honeywell thermostat which comes with a wireless relay. This relay needs to be connected to the boiler instead and then the new thermostat will connect to that relay wirelessly. Here is an image of the Relay that will connect: https://ibb.co/7Xzq32G The existing old thermostat on my wall probably has a couple of wires feeding into it from the junction box. See my image of the junction box and the two wires which I have identified as being connected to this old thermostat. https://ibb.co/bNNths5 Along with these two wires, you’ll need 3 other wires (Live, Neutral and Earth) which I believe are currently connected from the junction box to a fused spur. See images: Spur: https://ibb.co/xjjGRtY Wires: https://ibb.co/L0LH9ZG So these 5 wires are needed to hook into the wireless relay. I have attached an image of the wireless relay and its terminal points. https://ibb.co/7Xzq32G All in all, I just need that relay connected to my boiler so it works. The whole job should take 20-30 mins. I'm looking for someone to do it within £30-40. I'm in Chingford. Please let me know. Thanks.
Take 2 lights off and put 2 lights up
Electrical fitting job in Hayes
Take a light fixture off in the bathroom and put new light fixture up than take ceiling fan off in the sitting room and put new light fixture up
Lights in kitchen not working.
Electrical fitting job in Islington
There are 10 spotlights around the extractor so I believe they are on the same circuit. All stopped working at the same time.
Dimmer switch replacement
Electrical fitting job in Twickenham
I have a faulty dimmer switch in the living room that makes a noise and gives a burnt smell if switched on for a few seconds. I had a power cut in the entire house a few days ago and had to reset the switch from the main panel. I have not powered on the living room lights since. I purchased a new dimmer switch, but I do not have the courage to replace it myself. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you.
change light fitting
Electrical fitting job in Uxbridge
flush fitting light to replace existing hanging light
install and connect ikea hob and oven into existing frame
Electrical fitting job in South Lambeth
swap new ikea hob and new ikea oven into an old ikea UDDEN CG3 COOK ceramic hob metal frame. Cables to be provided as not supplied by Ikea
Disconnect a plug
Electrical fitting job in Woodford
Disconnect a electric vent
I have electrical socket for the cooker behind cabinet drawer and need it to be moved to wall so that it is easily accessible
Repair garden lights
Electrical fitting job in Bearsden
Repair garden wall and ground lights
Rewire a light up Christmas decoration
Electrical fitting job in Sydenham
I have a garden decoration and a fox bit through the wire
Extend wire from spur to boiler
Electrical fitting job in Forest Gate
New boiler installed but existing wires from thermostat and spur don’t reach by about 15 Cms need someone to come out this week
Fit lights
Electrical fitting job in Bearsden
Fit ceiling lights
Fit extractor fan in wall
Electrical fitting job in Askern
Fit extractor fàn in kitchen wall
rewiring restaurant cables
Electrical fitting job in Clapham
rewiring restaurant cables replacing consumer units
Install 3 external security lights
Electrical fitting job in Johnstone
I'm looking for an electrician to install 3 external lights (2 floodlights for rear garden and one up/down light at front door). They're to replace 3 that I already have that are quite old now. Thanks.
Fit additional plug sockets
Electrical fitting job in Tooting
Add additional plug socket in bedroom of 1913 conversation house into flats. The room only has one plug socket and we would like to add an additional one.
Move or remove double plug socket
Electrical fitting job in Tonbridge
I am knocking down part of a bedroom wall and there is a double plug socket in the way, I either need it moved or removed.
outside security light
Electrical fitting job in Chorley
The tubular lamp has failed but the whole fitting needs replacing