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Demolition & Clearing Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

Remove shed
Demolition & Clearing job in Croydon
take down and dispose of old garden shed
Clear old rotted wood from demolished decking.
Demolition & Clearing job in Blackwater
Large amount of rotted timber from old decking currently at rear of house - access via carport. It was a large deck approx 18ft by 15ft plus supports. Unfortunately no access for equipment and larger pieces would need to be carried through.
Dismantle carport and clear away
Demolition & Clearing job in Pontypridd
I need an old wooden carport dismantle d a nd cleared away
Demolish and remove wooden shed
Demolition & Clearing job in Stoke-on-Trent
Demolish wooden shed approx 3m by 2m and take away. 3 glass windows and plastic corrugated sheets on roof. In rear garden easy access.
Moving the heavy contents from one shed to another including the removal and reinstallation of racking. Shed then needs to be demolished and removed.
Remove a garden swing
Demolition & Clearing job in Clydebank
We have an old single size metal garden swing that wasn’t concreted in disassembled and removed
Demolishing concrete balcony planter
Demolition & Clearing job in Camden Town
Fully demolish balcony planter
break up concrete boulder (builder's scrap) 3ft*1.5ft*1ft
Demolition & Clearing job in Ingatestone
a rough boulder of concrete (builder's scrap) approx 3ft*1.5ft*1ft we have rolled from back garden into front of garage. Easy access to boulder and to electrical supply. we just want it to be broken up with kango or whatever into manageable bits so we can take to tip. Short "end of day" job when you are in our area. No urgency.
Demolish breeze block outhouse 6ft x 12ft.
Demolition & Clearing job in Swinton
I have a breeze block out house. I want two of the walls leaving up as they are boundaries between my side and back neighbours. The building was built into these walls originally. I want the rest demolishing. It is covered in Ivy. The roof is wooden plank. The size is 12ft x 6ft and access is 2.9 metres.
Demolition of garage
Demolition & Clearing job in Reading
Demolition of double garage. Need done now.
Demolish 2 brick water features. Remove gravel & path.
Demolition & Clearing job in Golborne
Demolish and remove 2 raised brick water features from back garden, each is approx 3m x 3m wide and 0.4m high. Remove approx 6m x 5m area of gravel from garden. Dig up and remove a 6m long 1m wide path, made of fake railway sleepers (each 'sleeper' is actually made of concrete). Remove 2 mains electric lamp posts from garden (1m tall). Thanks :)
We have a covered area to one side of our house approx 40 ft in length x 4ft wide. . It has a steel sheet roof and a wooden frame supported by scaffold poles cemented in to the ground. We would like the whole thing removed please.
Demolish wooden shed
Demolition & Clearing job in Chester
Demolish the wooden shed (1m x 2m approx) and remove from the garden. Thanks
remove grass 13mx1m leave waste in garden
Demolition & Clearing job in Mill Hill
Remove grass 13m x 1m, leave waste in garden.
Dismantle and remove old wooden garage
Demolition & Clearing job in Moffat
Dismantle wooden garage and remove
demolish conservatory
Demolition & Clearing job in Chinnor
demolish and remove conservatory leaving groundworks and dwarf walls. replace guttering on bungalow
Demolish a 6x4 shed and take away
Demolition & Clearing job in Salford
Demolish a 6x4 wooden shed and dispose of in 3 weeks
Demolish brick shed
Demolition & Clearing job in South Norwood
Demolish brick shed (8ft × 4ft) at end of garden and remove rubble. Mid-terrace Victorian house (access through the house). Free on street parking.
Demolish and remove play cottage
Demolition & Clearing job in Tamworth
Demolish and remove wooden play house in garden. 2.5m x 1.9m x 2.3m If the building is any use to you, it is a great play house for children.I can offer it F.O.C. as we do not want it Access is very good as we have a wide drive and double gates into our garden
Demolition shed 7ftx5ft with asbestos roof
Demolition & Clearing job in Beaconsfield
Demolition of concrete slabs shed 7ftx5ft with asbestos roof.there is easy.access to the back of the house