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Chimneys & Fireplaces Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

Chimney improvement
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Birmingham
Either remove or improve chimney stack
Removal of Chimney Breast
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Blackpool
Chimney breast is to be removed if possible in the downstairs area but also plastering the wall after it has been removed if possible.
Chimney breast removal
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Gosport
Downstairs and bedroom chimney breast removal
Remove shared chimney to below roof level
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Newport
Our neighbour and ourselves want the chimney stack dropped to below roof level
remove chimney breast
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Bridgend
remove chimney breast from lounge
Fit Bracket to chimney breast
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Harrow
Bracket needs to be fitted to the remains of a chimney breast that was removed many years ago. More bricks will need to be removed in the loft and bracket fitted.
Bedroom chimney breast removal
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Coventry
We have a shared chimney that can’t come down but in our bedroom we have the Brest taking up space and want it removed to make the room bigger. There’s other aspects to job if possible such as ceiling reboarded and plastered. So if you can do the whole job great.
Remove chimney or support chimney stack
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Bolton
Take my side ov the chimey off front and rear off the roof or support the stack from the loft so the chimney breast can be removed
Fireplace needs to be closed
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Kingston upon Thames
Non-working fireplace is starting to leak soot and ash. We would like to have these 2 completely closed off.
Removal of Inset solid fuel fire
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Kingsley
Removal of Charnwood inset solid fuel burner Making the opening good & sealing chimney to allow insertion of electric fire stove. Capping top of chimney Filling in of internal sweeping port (approx 2 bricks) NB this is an initial contact on behalf of my mother who has no computer access & all responses will be passed on to her
Chimney breast removal
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Croydon
6 chimney breasts to be removed in a 3 bedroom terraced house
Chimney stack appears to be bulging
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Wolverhampton
My neighbour has reported a concern about one of my chimneys appearing to bulge and the brickwork around the chimney may need attention.
New Fireplace
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Llandudno
Fit a marble fire surround. Levelling. For an electric fire.
removal of fireplace
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Stockport
remove fireplace and make good
Fire place removal
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Acton
We have 2 stone fireplaces in a double reception room that we would like removing.
Fire place lintel
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Clapham
I need for the lintel above our fire place to be raised so that we can fit the cast iron fire surround flush with the wall. Currently the lintel is too low by about an inch. Need help asap on this.
Hollow out firelace of debris and create plastered void
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in South Norwood
Currently, the fireplace is filled with bricks and debris - I'd like that removed and a square/rectangular, plastered void to replace it, with the potential for a spotlight in the new roof of the void (electrics/switches are in place). Looking for a price
Restore fireplace to house a wood stove
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Reading
The fire place was sealed with bricks by the previous owner. We want to open the fire breast to house a wood stove. I've attached a picture of the fire breast and a picture of the way we want it to be. (the floor-standing electric heater has been removed).
Remove hearth
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Stourbridge
Remove hearth, close up chimney and insert airbrick. Plaster over exposed brickwork.
Remove chimney breasts
Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Hendon
There is a chimney breast in the bedroom we would like removed, how much will it cost?