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Roofing Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

Tile and rafter repair
Roofing job in Otford
Inspect the bungalow roof. Replace a few tiles and probably repair some rafters underneath. Make good 2 gulleys.
roof repair
Roofing job in Oldham
stop leaks at gable end.
Refelt shed roof
Roofing job in Evesham
This is a large 12 x 8 pitched roof shed sadly in need of refelting. I have patched it up here and there, and there will be rather a lot of tacks to be removed. Would welcome a quote.
Summerhouse roof repair/replacement
Roofing job in Reading
Our wooden summerhouse roof leaks when it rains and from the look of the surface it seems to need either extensive repairs or probably replacement
Re-felt summer house 6m x 3m
Roofing job in Bournemouth
Hello, the felt roof on our summer house is leaking. We want a good quality roof covering put on the summer house. It is 6m x 3m.
Garden shed is leaking
Roofing job in Ashford
Needs to be repaired/ or replaced
a few loose tiles high up on the roof
Roofing job in East Finchley
Need to move some slipped tiles at the back apex of a gable, estimate 3 floors from ground level or 2.5 floors in semi detached house. Must see job and quote
Shed roof replacement
Roofing job in Liverpool
Shed roof is leaking in number of places and needs to be replaced.
Replace flashing around chimney
Roofing job in Manchester
We have a leak in the roof and believe that the flashing needs replacing around the chimney on the roof and that would resolve the leak.
I can provide pictures. The cement flashing has come away on a small section where the flat roof is attached to the main house
Fix porch roof
Roofing job in Canterbury
My porch roof is currently leaking, I would like it fixed and the roof tiles replace which I will supply the roof tiles, I have had the porch roof fixed before but it has now started leaking again.
in my semidetached house when it rain water leak from first floor front small room close to window i think there is a small flat roof over the window
reroof garden shed (7x5) apex roof
Roofing job in Orpington
remove existing roof and dispose re roof with ply and felt.
Shed/outbuilding roof is leaking & mouldy. This needs ripping down then replacing.
Single car garage in a row of five with adjoining garages on both sides. Built in mid 1970’s out of brick. Corrugated roof and supporting cross beams needs replacement. Back outside wall has considerable damage due to water flowing from faulty drainage. Needs rebricked or rendered (have photographs if requested) Guttering needs repaired/replaced. Garage door is ok but surrounding pvc borders needs replacing.
Repair/replace roof tiles.
Roofing job in Woolwich
Couple of tiles have come off the roof. These need to be replaced and the roof checked over.
Flashing & grouting
Roofing job in Kirkby
garage attached to house needs flashing (both sides) and a little bit of grouting to do
're felt a shed roof 9ft x 9ft
Roofing job in Doncaster
the roof felt needs replacing on our shed please
Shed roof needs recovering
Roofing job in Doncaster
Needs weatherproofing
Strengthen roof beams
Roofing job in Sunderland
remove flat roof boards and felt. Stregthen beams.