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Roofing Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

to reroof a 16.3ft x 7ft shed
Roofing job in High Wycombe
I have a 16.3 x 7 ft tool shed in my garden which needs reroofing removing the old woodern roof and replacing the 12mm ply and felting or shingles. I have bought the roof boards and barge boards from the manufacturer which have been painted So need the roof stripped and a new one put on
1960s detached house in Abercynon. Surveyor recently summarised for me: age and weather has caused rotten timbers and as a result 3 tiles are displaced. Rainwater getting through and running down outer stonework. No visible ingress to inside (loft). The left soffit box structure has rotten and fallen out taking some plastic with it. Probably a days work for 2 people. Possibly a tower required. No-one currently at the property, family is dealing.
Have attic conversion however we have a leak above one of the velux windows so need ridge tiles above Lifted locate & replace broken tiles. I do have spares
There is a hole in the porch roof. Cannot be covered with tarp. needs full repair.
Re-felt and batton our front porch
Roofing job in Stafford
Have leak in porch
Replace broken roof tiles
Roofing job in Aylesbury
We had our aerial removed and a brick has fallen onto our neighbours garage roof and smashed at least 3/tiles
Replace fibre glass corregated roof sheeting with timber and felt on a work shop/ timber shed approx. 14’x10’ and 9’ high The existing roof is about 15 years old we think, and was fine until this winter with the heavy rain we’ve had. The rain seems to be coming in through an overlapping corregation which is poorly fitted.
leak near dormer
Roofing job in Livingston
tiles near dormer channel need securing
Need a new roof and guttering
Roofing job in Scarborough
The roof is tiled. And you gutterings
to block eves from squirrles getting in to loft.
Pitched roof on my 10ft by 12ft shed has started to leak and needs new felt
Roof leak
Roofing job in Stockwell
Small leak coming from only one spot in the roof, needs repair fast.
Rood replacement
Roofing job in Ilford
Replace existing pitched roof and guttering on 2 bed terraced house. Also replace tiles on extended kitchen.
Large Summerhouse roof repair
Roofing job in Snodland
Summerhouse needs roof repairs external re-felt and waterproofing and internal wood replacement.
new roof slates/ tiles
Roofing job in Newcastle Upon Tyne
replace tiles/ slates on our detached house. they are well over 20 years old
2 velux roof windows reqd
Roofing job in Abercynon
Need two roof vents removed and Velux window installed
Valley leaking
Roofing job in Ruislip
The valley is leaking into the bedroom Semi detached manor house
repair of roof above window of kitchen extension. Water drips through the inside of window lintel. Not in light rain but in the recent torrential rain was pouring through. Single storey extension with sloping roof.
The garage pitched roof is covered by felt. The high winds have loosened a section Whether just that part can be mended or the whole roof needs doing remains to be seen.
Replace Pigeon spikes
Roofing job in Hammersmith
Several pigeon spikes have come off my outside walls, from three horizontal pipes. All places accessible by long ladders. Need the spikes re-installed. Job would take an hour or two.