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Plumbing Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

Hot and cold outside taps
Plumbing job in Newcastle-under-Lyme
I need a hot and cold tap fitted outside please
Fit toilet
Plumbing job in Dudley
To fit new toilet in a bathroom
Fit an outside garden tap
Plumbing job in Glasgow
I'm wanting a garden tap fitted in order that I can water the garden and scrubs
install new shower
Plumbing job in Renfrew
Replace electric shower
Running toilet
Plumbing job in Beaworthy
My toilet cistern is running constantly
There is three jobs one is to replace a radiator in the bathroom and also refit and supply a folding or concertina shower glass over bath also to fix cistern operating button On the toilet
leaking electric shower
Plumbing job in Halesowen
water coming from inside the main shower box
Faulty toilet Syphon
Plumbing job in Croydon
Toilet not flushing even though there is water in the Cistern.
Fix leak under kitchen sink
Plumbing job in Glasgow
I have water leaking from under my kitchen sink from either trap or u bend. Unable to use kitchen tap
Boiler breakdown
Plumbing job in West Brompton
I need someone to fix my boiler ASAP
Outside tap fitted
Plumbing job in Leeds
To supply and fit outside tap
plumbing domestic
Plumbing job in Grays
fix garden bib tap, install isolation valve under kitchen sink for hot and cold and also install new taps for kitchen sink.
Replace radiator
Plumbing job in Cardiff
I'm looking for someone to remove my radiator, then install the new radiator which is a different size in the same place.
Unblock outside kitchen gully
Plumbing job in Leicester
The outside gully is blocked, it takes a feed from the kitchen sink and the upstairs bathtub. It isn't to the point of overflowing yet but it's bad enough to cause a smell. We would like it cleaned thoroughly so it flows without restriction. Thanks
Internal stop tap
Plumbing job in Newark-on-Trent
Stop tap under kitchen sink needs replacing
Mira vie 9.5kw shower no power
Plumbing job in Chorley
Shower has no power no sounds. The isolation switch on the landing is still lighting up when pressed the fuse box hasn't tripped. Fix or replace. Idealllly with the same model so no new drilling into tiles and so on
Install outside tap
Plumbing job in Airdrie
Install outside tap
Small leak under bath
Plumbing job in Batley
Hi, So we have some water (not a lot by any stretch but it adds up) coming through the kitchen ceiling when the cold shower inlet is open. If it is closed - it's fine. If it's open then water will slowly drip through the kitchen ceiling. The difficulty we have is that it's not obvious where the issue is or we'd patch it up ourselves and there's no particular pattern to it. It's very hit and miss. I would like to be able to provide some details of a pattern but I can't. My partner and I are self-isolating just now (no symptoms but underlying health conditions). I am happy to pay for a call or video call for advice and I'll buy then stuff needed to patch it up then follow-up with a visit once this madness is all over. Otherwise, I'm happy for you to come in but understand if you would rather not. I can take pictures under the bath if that helps. Thanks, Siobhan
Under sink plumbing
Plumbing job in Huddersfield
My under sink plumbing is a mess and needs sorting out. I also need a T joint adding for a dishwasher (T joints already bought)
Fitting outside garden tap
Plumbing job in Leeds
I have moved into a newly built property 3 years ago. Unfortunately, an outside tap had not been fitted at the time which makes garden and outside jobs hard. I am looking to have one tap fitted in the back yard/garden with the appropriate insulation and fixtures. Supply could either be obtained from under the kitchen sink, or from the back wall facing the utility cupboard where the washing machine is connected which has an outside wall