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Plumbing Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

Water leak
Plumbing job in Runcorn
Unknown water leak . Needs checking . Also sink needs a replacement part. (Not source of leak)
Replace toilet refill mechanism
Plumbing job in Calstock
The toilet refill mechanism has stopped working and needs replacing. I have a spare, brand new one ready to fit.
Name your price, easy access but haven't the tools - Flexi pipe has a slow leak to tap, needs swapping out.
Fit in stopcock
Plumbing job in Woodford Green
I need stopcock fitted in my kitchen sink pipe as I got new washing machine
Bath needs taking out to fix the leak then fitting back in place. This will probably involve new tiling or boarding aring around the bath. Thermostat needs fitting to control heating.
Replace toilet cistern
Plumbing job in Liverpool
Toilet cistern broken requires replacement
Fix one shower and install another.
Plumbing job in Barnet
In one bathroom shower leaking into downstairs apartment. Needs fixing. Also light switch broken and toilet not working properly. In second bathroom would like separate quote for fitting shower over bath and putting up shower rail. Also please note - tap under sink which switches off water is extremely stiff. Not sure what can be done about that.
Fitting new toilet
Plumbing job in Sheffield
Toilet is a traditional one, job is to fit a new toilet which is also a traditional one, I bought the extra fittings with it too, looking for someone who can do the job afternoons onwards thank you
Ballcock needs replacing in water tank which is situated in the loft.
Fix a slow leak on a radiator valve
Plumbing job in Wanstead
I have an upstairs bedroom with a radiator that has developed a slow but persistent leak. The water can be seen to collect on the top of the TRV body when the thermoststic controller is removed. (I have a couple of simple photos) It looks like the body needs to be removed and replaced (I don't have the nerve to do it!). It's my late grandmother's house and I'm her executor.
Mixer tap come loose on kitchen sink
Plumbing job in Tyldesley
I have a tall standing mixer tap which swivels and it has come loose and is wobbling on my sink. It needs to be tightened up but I cannot get to it Due to deafness cannot take phone calls but email or text is fine. Janice
Fit replacement toilet
Plumbing job in Sale
Remove old toilet and fit replacement. (May need to turn off water mains at pavement as I cannot find the inside stock cock.)
I have a low water pressure warning on my boiler. After i connect the pipe that allows me to get water into the boiler to increase pressure, nothing happens. Water is flowing from the pipe that has a direct flow with no isolation valve, but when you try to open that valve by turning the screw head 90 degrees there is no flow. it appears that this valve is no longer functional and requires a replacement. My boiler is a Morco GB 24-30 Series 2
Repair or replace existing shower mechanism that is not working properly. When turned on . It comes on for about 30seconds and water stops coming out
The radiator in our living room has started to come away from the plasterboard wall. This is worse at the top of the bracket. The pipes leading to the radiator are copper. Any quotes would be most appreciated.
Replacement of electric shower
Plumbing job in Hamilton
Need to replace an electric shower in the bathroom
Install a water pipe to dishwasher and drain from dishwasher to drain approx 3 metres away
Fix leak from behind toilet
Plumbing job in Deptford
Water is coming from behind toilet, tenant is not sure of the cause, but he says it’s getting worse
replace kitchen sink mixer tap
Plumbing job in Redditch
replace leaking mixer tap
Replace bath taps
Plumbing job in Dalston
Sink needs to come out to get to bath taps , system may need to be drained.