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Tree surgery Jobs across the UK (completed jobs only)

Tree stump removal
Tree surgery job in Esher
Remove tree stump which is over a large ash tree roots. The ash has been felled so damage to those roots are not a problem. I would prefer to remove the stump rather than grinding and leave the roots below ground level in place. The location is Claygate, Esher, Surrey and there is good access to the garden.
To remove 1 x tree plus 2 x tree stumps
Tree surgery job in Mitcham
To remove 1 x tree (approximately 7m) 2 x tree stumps
hedge removal around the house
Tree surgery job in Balham Hill
remove hedges around the house and dispose of them. the some of the hedges are quite tall (approx 2.5m) and others in front of the house around 1.5m (the small ones cover a length of say around 4 metres and the tall ones cover a length of around 10-15 metres).
Cut down large stump which was a eucalyptus tree and remove ready to plant a silver birch tree
Cut and and Grind Stump and remover waste of 1 tall and wide conifer
Fallen trees
Tree surgery job in Worcester
Remove fallen tree & clear surrounding debris ? Replace broken fencing
Remove laburnum front garden
Tree surgery job in Camden Town
Dying laburnum at front garden boundary to be removed
remove a magnolia tree
Tree surgery job in Northampton
Cut Down a Magnolia tree (approx. 2m) and remove waste
2 trees
Tree surgery job in Harrow
Cut and remove two trees from the garden
Remove 2 tress
Tree surgery job in Abingdon
Cut and remove 2 conifers
Cut down tall silver birch
Tree surgery job in Newtown
A tall silver birch is located on a bank near the house. It is blocking the satellite signal. I’d like it taken down. We will keep the wood and if possible we would like the remainder chipped for use on the garden.
Trimming of overgrown bushes behind fence
Tree surgery job in Dartford
Trim down overgrown bushes from meadow closer to, right behind the fence
Remove a fallen tree log
Tree surgery job in Upper Holloway
Rear garden access down a fire escape. Tree log, no branches in channel in garden needs to be removed
cut down a acacia tree
Tree surgery job in Tooting
I need a tree cutting down its tall and thin.
Stump grinding/removal
Tree surgery job in Leicester
Had a very large shrub with a big trunk cut down several months ago and something put into stump to rot it. This has not happened and stump now needs grinding or removing ready for paving
Trim and top a leylandii hedge
Tree surgery job in Hitchin
Hedge is approximately 6m wide at the bottom of my domestic garden and has got out of hand!
Remove tree branch
Tree surgery job in Batley
Hi all, Okey dok so our neighbour's tree has a branch that overhangs - fat pigeons like to sit on it and we all know how that ends. I have her permission for it to be removed so a couple of pictures are attached. It's one branch that leads to a lot of leaves so it looks a lot but it's one branch.
remove or cut down tree
Tree surgery job in Dagenham
one tree badly needs full prune or cutting right back to base
Remove two or three branches.
Tree surgery job in Orpington
I have a laurel which has grown into a tree. I want two or three large branches removed from the base.
Lower height of 2 trees
Tree surgery job in Stoke Newington
Lower height of 2 trees